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My interest in communication technology bloomed when Ivisited a local radio station during my high school.

I was captivated by theway my science teacher Dandushri Pilavullakandi explained how the networks andsatellites work for sending signals and data for communication. This made merealize the importance of technology and its role in our daily lives.I did schooling from St.Montfort High School which is oneof the renowned schools in my town. Science subjects like Physics were my keyinterest, as they helped me understand the basic foundational concepts oftechnology.

I performed well academically scoring 81.2% and earned an admissioninto the electronics department of B.S. Abdur Rahman Crescent University, Chennai.The modules of my undergraduate degree introduced meto the core subjects such as Computer Networks, Network Analysis and Synthesis,Computer Architecture, etc. In addition to syllabus, I gained introductoryknowledge on Security and Ethical Hacking from my department senior.

I reallygot excited when he shared few of his hacking methodology. After that I startedlearning myself about the basics of security and vulnerabilities by readingvarious forums and learned about freeware tools like Burp Suite, Fiddler, etc.The wide, multifaceted span and instrumental role of information security inour daily lives motivated me to contest in bug bounty during leisure time.As a part of my curriculum, I did my final-yearproject on Near Field Communication using Arduino to establish a peer-to-peer(P2P) network for exchanging data. The project received positive reception frommy department faculties.

In addition, I was also the executive member of IEEE studentbranch at my university during the academic year 2011–2013. It was during thistenure that I acquired enough confidence and inspiration to fulfill responsibilitiesmy family had on me. I secured first class in academics and along with my interpersonalskills I landed a job at a risk and consulting firm, named Aon Hewitt duringfinal year. After training, I was aligned into QA (Quality Assurance) testingteam.

At Aon, I volunteered myself for a meet-up eventcalled AON-Ithon to follow my hacking craze; the monthly event was conducted bythe information security team to exhibit individual knowledge in the field tokeep my aim animate. Here, I exhibited my basic security knowledge and interestwhich I gained, back university days. This was promptly appreciated by asecurity lead, and I was offered a chance to move to my desired domain(information security) based on the internal company change policy. It is thenmy role as a security analyst began for clients like BNY Mellon and Best Buy. Igained real-time knowledge on live projects and completed my certification on”Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)”.

During weekends, I attend local conferencesheld in the city to keep myself updated with the latest developments in thefield.My education provided me the strong base to become asuccessful software professional, and I was exposed to various streams in IT sector.Working as a security analyst for almost two years now, I am ready to movetoward the next phase of life by pursuing a master’s degree. Being a first-generation student in my family, does notstop me to go for graduate program. I believe a master’s degree will help megrow individually in the security areas where I have limited knowledge, also agraduate school attracts groups of like-minded people with similar interests inspecific areas, and it is a perfect place to connect with faculty, students andalumni to acquire additional knowledge, insight, and diversity of opinion.After perusing through many university websites, Ifeel the program offered at your consortium accommodates my career needs thebest. Also studying in a richly diverse environment such as Canada will enableme to become a truly global citizen. Moreover, it will be a cross-culturalexperience with an assortment of global exposure for a student like me whocomes from a small town in South India.

The outstanding faculty and wonderfulstate of Ontario itself are the factors that have influenced my decision topursue MITS program in UOIT. Your program’s unique internship assignment willfurther hone my skills and enable me to channel the knowledge gained from theuniversity experience toward the successful completion of the degree.On completion of my graduate studies, I set my sighton utilizing my expertise into presenting international conferences ininformation security and to becomean individual security researcher. My definite and long-term goal is to makeoptimum use of my global experiences to start a training institute in my nativetown. I would consider myself extremely fortunate to get an opportunity tostudy at your university and will do justice to my admission.


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