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My Identity
From the beginning of the first person till today, everyone in the world has same likeness even though they have different sets of characteristics. But what this likeness is it? The answer is identity. According to Jenkins Richard (Social Identity 2008) “identity is the human capacity – rooted in language to know “who is who” and “what is what””.
Firstly, I can determine myself as Europid race. Europid race is one of the biggest races among others. From point of my view, race is not such important among other social identities. Maybe, it is important for others and it depends on social and cultural influences. One of the main factors that influence racism is having a “power race” in society. Integration of other people into new society leads to having race discrimination. Another factor that influence race discrimination is stereotypes which are widely spread in the U.S. In America some parents teach their children that Afro-American people are uncivilized, and they praise their own perspectives. As the result, it leads to have fear and feeling power of superiority over them even though they have never met with them. In Azerbaijani society, I can strongly say that there is no racism. Azerbaijanis may stare African or Asian people (not for negative purpose) for a while as they have not seen people before. For me, one the main rule of living is respect all people in the world. I really enjoy whenever seeing another race of people in my city and trying to enlarge my surroundings with different racial people. When it comes to ethnicity, I am Azerbaijanis but I did research about my ancestor and found that, I have Azerbaijanis, Ukrainian, Russian, Avar and German ethnicity. Ethnicity is also not important in identity. Because it doesn’t matter which ethnicity, you have. There are two types of stereotype- auto-stereotypes and hetero-stereotypes. I want to count some of them. One of them is about Avars and Lezgis in Azerbaijan, and they always have fight during the wedding. But I was several times in Avar wedding and even I waited for fight but it didn’t happen. Then, Talysh people are Persian. Azerbaijani people are obsessed tea. I think that ethnicity has significant implications for social psychology, and they are stereotypes. Strong stereotypes can lead to “stereotype threat” such as woman cannot drive car. This stereotype leads to discrimination between the gender and this discrimination affects to behavior.

Secondly, I want to speak about gender, age and sexual orientation. My gender is male. Throughout the history the role of man and woman has changed a lot. In today’s society being male is very easy in order to be female because today men are more independent than women. One of the main examples is men can work everywhere but when it comes to women in our society it is a bit hard and considering that though it is a 21st century. Being a man means that I have to be physically stronger than the woman. This is one common stereotype. I think that the gender must be considered important in identity because when you hear new name, first imagination in your brain about that person is a gender. Sometimes you hear such an interesting name that you don’t know whether he is male, or she is female and firstly your question must about gender. That’s why I think the gender is very important. Then the turn is coming to the age. I am 17 years old and now I am in late adolescent of my age in a word I am a teenager. From my perspective age is important but not as important as the gender in identity. Sometimes I hear from my surroundings that you are already teen men and you have to start smoking (again stereotypes of Azerbaijanis). My reaction was always zero. Is being a man starts from smoking of course not. I cannot understand the way of smoking. There is no logic for me, and I am not going to smoke and never – that is my answer. As well as drinking alcohol. I always tell my friends do not suggest me to go for drinking. Even till today I haven’t drunk any carbonated drinks till today how it is possible that I am drinking alcohol. These kinds of stereotypes even we can call them social factors that influence teen boys’ behavior. When the topic comes to sexual orientation, people try to change topic because of Azerbaijani mentality. I am heterosexual. There is such a stereotype that most heterosexuals have homophobia. My way of thinking is that I have no homophobia. People who are the members of LGBT community they are also person as we are. Sexual orientation must not be considered important in identity because I always say they haven’t chosen their life themselves, life have chosen them to be like that and no-one can change them. Cultural factors such as traditions leads to homophobia. People, in general, believe that being homosexual is not okay because when such a topic comes to society all people try to hide it and when you are trying to teach people about it you considered as homosexual. Social psychology learns to understand self and identity and it really helps students to understand the topic. On the other hand, in Christianity and Islam being homosexual is not accepted and it is sin. My religion is Islam. I don’t like to divide Islam but willingly or unwillingly I say that I am Sunni Muslim. Sometimes it is not accepted by others, but I wear the necklace “Star of David” and people always accept me as secret member of freemasonry. However, there is no any relations between them. Religion is important in identity because I think that it shapes all the people and I don’t want to make discrimination but mostly I spend my time with monotheist (who believe in one God) people. Common stereotype about Islam is that Muslims hate Jews and Christians. It is not true because Muslims have such a hadith that you will not enter to the Paradise until you don’t love one another. I think there is no any factor that influence religion because religions have to influence both socially and culturally to person’s identity.
At last, I want to speak about my social class and ability status. Actually we don’t divide families with a class system. I was born in typical Azerbaijani family in 2000. Unfortunately, I am not able to give more information about it because in Azerbaijani mentality we don’t have such a system. From my point of view, social class is important in some cases but not as important as gender or age. But as I see lots of people want spend their time with the same social class family members and high. My social status is able. I will keep it short. Today, in our society also live disabled people. As I told, we have to respect all of them and if it is need we have to help them. We have to behave very carefully because we can break their heart.
In conclusion, I want to say that it doesn’t matter who you are, if you are living in today’s society you have to respect all people around you. However, respect to other people are the main ideology of life.

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· Jenkins, Richard 2008. Social Identity. London; New York: Routledge. (
Race Gender Age Ethnicity Class Religion Sexual Orientation Ability
Accepted in each society
Physically strong
Very young
Not child any more.

Loves liberty
Accepted as the norm
White-collar field
Accepted monotheist religion
Last but best among religion
Spending your earnings truly
Life is a test for passing after-life
Universal brotherhood= fraternity
No Violence
Muslims are terrorist for some people yet.

Accepted by society
No discrimination
Sexual freedom
Some heterosexuals have homophobia


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