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My Ideal Job

The ideal job is a career where you spend your 1/3 of your whole life doing what you love, and what satisfies your human needs. It’s the profession or job, one is exceptionally good at, is interested in doing and getting the fruit of their own labor from working hard. For me to understand what my ideal job is, first I have to understand what interests me, what motivates me and lastly, I need to understand myself. I still don’t know what kind of job I want, but I do know how I like it and how I want it to be. The ideal job for me is something that has to do with helping people because I love helping those who are in need and those who are in need of service. For example; nurse, public servant or a doctor. I’ll break down my ideals for my ideal job into three categories which are; activities done on the job, skills used on the job and salary and fringe benefits. .

First thing I’ll consider, are the activities that are done on the job. Not only are these the things that I’ll be doing everyday but these are the things that I should love to do. Because who wants to do the things that they don’t like to do for a living, right? Me, I love helping people. Serving them, making them feel special and seeing them smile completes my day. Ever since I was young, I wanted to be a Doctor. I wanted to cure people, make them live forever, do all the cool things every Doctor does, and if ever my parents or any of my family member gets sick, I’ll be the one to cure them. As I grow older, I become more aware of the things Doctors really do and it still makes me want to be one. Giving out prescriptions, doing surgeries and saving lives. I suggest you should research on what are the things that are being done in a daily basis in your ideal job. Once you are aware of it, ask yourself if you really want to do the things that are being done on that job. If you like it, then go pursue it. If you don’t, then go find another job.

Second thing I’ll consider, are the skills that are used on the job. All of us study and study for us to someday reach our dream job. We study for us to achieve the certain skills needed for that specific job. Every people have their own talents, and there are times that people use their talents to make a living. For example, a professional dancer, for them to be called a professional, they should be exceptionally good at this kind of dancing; they should be passionate and really have a talent for dancing. And even though they are exceptionally good on their own, they still need time and effort to study and to be better. Even if you don’t have natural talents at something, all of us study and practice a lot to be good and to master that something. And if you have a talent, whether it’s singing, dancing, drawing, writing or etc. and you want to pursue it as your career, then spend time perfecting your craft, and hopefully make a living out of it. Doctors study for more than 10 years and for them to be called legitimate doctors and professionals, they have to undergo licensure exams. For you to have the skills that are being used in that specific job, you have to undergo certain courses and study for some time. Everything takes time and effort.

Third thing I’ll consider is the salary and fringe benefits. At the end of the day, no matter what kind of work or job you’re doing, whether you like it or not, all of us needs money. Money is essentials these days. Mostly likely now that the Philippines is having an inflation crisis, the amount of things you can buy for one thousand pesos 10 years ago, has drastically changed from a cartful of goodies to a half a basket of essential needs. Most of us Filipinos, find jobs just to earn money. Whether if it’s a part-time or a full-time job, anything to earn money. As long as it’s not illegal, Filipinos always have a knack for earning money. You can also consider doing business but that’s a completely different topic, so maybe next time! Salary is a big deal when it comes to families with high standards, society’s judgment and to one’s pride as a professional. It’s very important because everything depends on how much your salary is. Your lifestyle, your habits and how you present yourself as someone or as a person. People find jobs or decide their career depending on how much is the salary of the particular job or occupation that they’re interested in, and it’s very common nowadays. They also consider all the fringe benefits that they’ll get once they get accepted for that job. For example, the medical benefits and health insurance. It doesn’t really matter how much your salary is as long as you’re happy and you’re enjoying what you’re doing, but at the end of the day, money is important.


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