My hard to gain every bit of knowledge.

My cousin Arjun is 5 feet 11″ tall having robust physique, piercing eyes and confident smile.  I have never met someone such astonishing as him.  His eyes are like steaming hot cocoa on a cold winter day.  His hair is jet black and wavy like ocean waves. His complexion is wheatish like me.  When he smiles it shows confidence and bliss.

 He is cautions about his physique and takes good care of it by following an arduous workout routine.  At the same time he keeps his studies at highest priority and works hard to gain every bit of knowledge.  His forehead is big and radiates knowledge.  I see him as my true mentor to guide me through life.My cousin possesses many talents and traits.  One of his talents is impersonating people like Barack Obama, Donald Trump & LeBron James.  Listening to him makes you feel like you are actually talking to one of them.  It’s really entertaining to hear him.

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 He does it to lighten the mood. He found his niche in swimming and never looked back.  Since then he has been working hard to train for swimming competitions.  He has received numerous accolades in swimming.  In addition to swimming he has been a terrific athlete.  Couple of years back he was 5 sec off the school 800 m record.  But unfortunately he couldn’t pursue running because of foot injury.  This didn’t dishearten him but rather motivated to do better in swimming.

         He is an ingenious thinker and hard working.  He has been studying for SAT since freshman year.  His grades in school have been superior.

 Mathematics is his favorite subject, likes to solve challenging questions in his free time.  I have often reached out to him for taking some mathematics tips & tricks.  My cousin has an optimistic demeanor, he always wants to put a smile on your face.  Thinks the cup is half full not half empty.  I wish to see him every day so he could help me become a better athlete, thinker and a better person in general.                I am blessed to have a cousin like Arjun because he guides me through life.

When I go through good times he praises me like when I made math olympiad in 4th grade.  In desperate times he is always motivates and cheers me up.  Once I had a dreadful test and he cheered me up when I told him about it.

 Right now he is going through desperate  times because his dog has gone blind and he is in agony and misery.  I have seen him since I was two years old,  so he has always been part of my childhood and can not bare to see him in this state.  Overall Arjun is a vigorous, hard working, unselfish and as I said my true inspiration and mentor.   


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