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My first experience as a member in high school was being a member of the library and chess club. I enjoyed learning basic chess theory and reading books related to knowledge and history. It is still hard to forget that shocking computer deep blue’s win over world champion Garry Kasparov. Obviously, although I am fanatical about sport, a certain talent was not inherited for my self. However, I was an active student by participating in a lot of event and activity in school through junior and sophomore class. Unfortunately, I did not have more options for volunteering in high school life. After going to Korea in 2012, I got contact with a philanthropic group. we were a volunteer for donating Korean noodle for older people at the bottom of Busan tower every Sunday. It has been a good chance for touching with Korean community and culture. I continued to look for new opportunities to volunteer even after I left Busan. Then, A several friends and I established a charity group and I was one of the co-founders of this charity group. Now we have almost 100 members in our group and collecting monthly fees. In order to contribute to our society as far as we can, we have been donating to various sectors like hospitals, older care shelter, and remote rural area since 2015. we also collaborated with another charity group from Singapore and raised fund for support in helping natural disasters, flooding and rehabilitation. I am proud that our group is continuing to grow and help more people each year.


I'm Mary!

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