My themes of family, suffering, morality, and

My Sisters Keeper by Jodi Picoult is a bittersweet and thought-provoking read. This novel is about a life of a family faced with difficult choices and the ethical and moral decisions they must make.

Told from several perspectives, this heart wrenching novel follows the life of 13-year-old, Ana Fitzgerald, who has chosen to sue her parents for medical emancipation. Anna is an average teenager in every way except for the fact that she was born to be a designer baby to save the life of her sister Kate, who suffers from acute promyeloctic Leukemia (APL); a blood and bone marrow cancer that is slowly but surely killing her.  From the very first page I was hooked on the great story line, with its riveting characters and an ethical question that leaves you wondering who is the good guy and who is the bad guy. Jodi Picoult made it easy to feel connections of love, hate, anger and understanding towards each of her characters. The story line of this book is fascinating and heartbreaking, and deserves a 3-star rating. Reading this novel brought a lot of hidden emotions out of me, it made me angry, happy, sad, etc. A book like no other, each character through their own exceptional voice told the story of what life was like living under the knife. Picoult pulls you through waves of emotions, full of ups and downs, never knowing which direction you will end up in.

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The narration told through the angle of “Anna” was my favorite, it showed her heartfelt story and her feelings towards her so called “family”. The story outlines the themes of family, suffering, morality, and love. The book runs around the strength of family and they have for each other when times are tough. I was surprised with the theme of mortality when having cancer isn’t always a death wish, instead the character pushed through it and lived. Although this book had a lot of great parts, the backdrop and the necessary character built-up was sometimes boring, sitting through every single person’s perspective was a bore, especially when it wasn’t relevant to the plot. The ending was also dreadful and shocking, throughout the book Picoult builds up the case for this 13-year old girl fighting for the love of her parents and wanting the right to make her own decisions.

However, it was later revealed that all the commotion and heartache was really caused by Kate who no longer had the will to live and had forced Ana to seek out Medical Emancipation. Yet, the most painful part of the story for me was that at the very end, Ana was killed by a random car accident and because Campbell (Lawyer) had power of attorney over Anna, donated her kidney to Kate so that she could live. Did you see the car crash coming? I guess for me the car crash represents the random things life throws your way and how at any time just when you think all is well and perfect something unexpected events can change the course of your life forever.


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