My 1919. Germany soon transformed into a totalitarian

My Passion Project Hitler did many horrible things to human beings, and way too much to describe in one paper, so I will be narrowing my focus. My focus will be on Politics. Politics in Germany have changed tremendously after Hitler’s reign.

Hitler got away with many things, and I will tell you some of the methods he used to sneak his way into power. Because of Hitler’s reign, many things changed in Germany for politics. Hitler tried to take power of a single state in Germany. This was his horrible attempt to gain power, and he got shut down really quick. Hitler was facing five years in prison, but only served one. In his stay at Landsberg Jail, he wrote a biography about his hardships and what he has went through in his life.

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Hitler soon became chancellor of Germany, and climbed his way up. This is how he got to power in 1919. Germany soon transformed into a totalitarian state, where Nazi Germans controlled all aspects of life. Before this however, Hitler started to eliminate all political figures, and others who opposed his belief. Hitler gave many speeches before, and during his reign. Most of the speeches were on “cleansing,” his belief that he could control Germany’s food problem, or starvation, by eliminating ones who did not “contribute to their lives.

” Hitler said that Jews, or non aryans, did not belong in Germany, and got people to start believing in this sick and brutal train of thought. Hitler began taking Jewish people from their homes, and started taking them to camps. At these camps, they were treated horribly, somewhat like animals.

All power was soon centered towards Hitler, and soon, his word was above all law, and what he said went. In the middle of the Great Depression, Hitler restored economic stability, and ended mass unemployment using mass military spending and a controlled economy. If he did not turn to a bad side, and he never came up with this plan in the beginning, he could, and would have been a great leader for Germany. Racism and hate against Jews was a big part of Hitler’s campaign.

This is what him, and everyone who followed him believed in, and had trained thought about. All in all, Hitler did some pretty bad things, but also contributed to Germany’s politics. Hitler fixed the economy in Germany, but also did many bad things to the people in Germany. Hitler sneaked his way into leadership by becoming Chancellor of Germany, and started mixing the two, almost as if making them the same level of importance.

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