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My career of Social work has a wide range of differentfields and social program options involved with it. It is a great career whereyou can have good future success. I decided to focus on social work for myproject because i plan on choosing psychology as my major and social workprovides many options involved with or without people. The main informationbeing provided for this paper includes Work conditions, Career history, Skills,Education, and Employment.             In Social work there are a lot of important things you haveto do to be successful in the career. Some of the main responsibilitiesrequired for the job are “an ability to stay composed under stress,interpersonal skills, patience, a strong eye for observation, andtrustworthiness. All these traits are very important for the career to be successful.

“Social workers also try to improve living conditions by participating inprograms to prevent such problems as drug addiction, mental illness, poorhousing, and neglect or abuse of children or the elderly.” Social workers tryto make the community and the people in it to its best ability. They will goout of their way to accomplish these wants and needs of people. The jobenvironment of these workers can have many different parts. They can have jobsin offices with people or as private practices. They can have social works forhospitals and schools and bigger businesses. There are five major fields ofsocial work: family and child welfare, health, connections, and schools. Allthese are the main building blocks to the jobs you can pursue.

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“Social workersalso try to improve living conditions by participating in programs to preventsuch problems as drug addiction, mental illness, poor housing, and neglect orabuse of children or the elderly.”  They try to help people to becomebetter. These are the main responsibilities and working conditions for socialwork.

(Hartman)            The history behind social work has changed drastically overthe years. It first began around the 1700-1800’s. “Social service agenciesbegan in response to changes that took place in society during the industrialrevolution, a period of great industrial development that had begun in the1700’s”. The society change is the main reason that social services has evolvedso much over the years. “Social work became a profession with the founding ofthe 1st social service agencies in the late 1800’s” these agencies didn’t do asmuch for people as we do now, but it was a start to something great.

A lot ofpeople have come together since then to create and help a lot of people aroundthe world. “One of the first social services agencies was the charityorganization society, founded in London in 1869”. This was created to help outthe people around them that didn’t have everything they did, and could notdepend on things to help them through a struggle. Now we have more programs andoptions to help people through the struggles they are going though. There aremany programs that are offered for free and many programs to help with moneyand jobs and other needs you may have.

Currently, “there are 3 basic approachescasework, group work, and community organization work.” These basic approacheshelp people to survive and live a normal and healthy lifestyle. This is some ofsocial works career history and how it got to where it is now.  (Ruth& Marshall)            The education and training involved in this job is veryimportant. There are many different degrees and careers you can have with thecareer of social work. With one to two years of college you could become asocial worker, counselor, or therapist. With three to four years of college youcould become an advisor, counselor, recruiter, researcher, human resourcemanager.

next, with a three to seven year degree you can become a psychologist.Lastly, with seven to eight years you can successfully become a psychiatrist.These are just some of the career options you have with this amount ofschooling. All these schooling options can have a variety of outcomes also,there are still many more careers in social work you can pursue. This careerhas a big salary behind it also.

There is a wide range of amounts of money youcan get out of this. Within each year frame of schooling you can get within oneto two years you earn $25,430- $66,630 annually, within three to four years youwould get $25,000- $86,393 annually, within three to seven years $66,810-$89,900 annually. Lastly, within seven to eight years you can get $100,000-265,000 annually. Usually most normal social workers have a bachelor’s degrees.”Professional social workers have at least a bachelor’s degree in Social work.

Many jobs require a person to have a masters or doctoral degree in socialwork”. The job you want depends on the degree you get. There are many collegesthat offer the major of psychology. Different colleges offer different fieldsof psychology for the different fields and careers you can have within that onemajor. Throughout college to get good training and important details about thejob you could do job shadows and help you decide if that’s the job for you. Mostcolleges offer strong and better learning programs then others for this curtainmajor.

Doing some research on the college’s history of the psychology major maybe necessary to find the best college for you and your future career.Psychology is becoming a very well-known topic as the years go on, is has grewtremendously since the 1800’s. This is becoming a job that will well needed asthe future of human kind continues. So of the most important skills forpursuing this career are having good communication, patience, problem solvingskills, and being good with people of all ages. Being well educated andconfident about your job are also very important. (Schreiber)            The futureof psychology could be very powerful.

Over the next 25 years it is expected toget better for other people and for science. In the last generation was whenthe want/need for psychology went up drastically.             After doing all my research about social work I am stillinterested in pursuing the career of Social work. I am very interested in thiscareer and the possible outcomes I could have.

This is something I am verymotivated to do more research about this career and even go to college aboutthis. 


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