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My reaction to act 3 of the Crucible took me by surprise. There are many reasons to why I felt this way, such as when Elizabeth Proctor is accused of conjuring her spirit to attack Abby, and is taken to court. Along with Mary Warren is having to confess that everything done so far is all pretense then having a change of mind going with Abby’s lies.

However I despised Danforth for not believing the evidence that was handed to him, and respect Hale for quitting the court. B.) Act 4 reaction Act 4 gives off a great shock starting with Parris revealing Abigail has ran away with thirty-one pounds with Mercy Lewis. Elizabeth and Proctors last moment together shows emotion and overall a great scene. Giles return to Salem pleased me as he tries to convince the Christians to lie and save the life of innocents. However, Proctor denies the confession and chooses integrity ended SLems hysteria.

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C.) What life lesson you learned from reading/watching the Crucible and watching Trumbo A life lesson learned from the Crucible is it’s best to die with your dignity then to live with your shame such as Proctor felt when having to sign his name. In Trumbo the life lesson for me was to stand strong like Dalton he never gave up doing what he knew best, writing. Being a communist never stopped him Trumbo still managed to make a living his dream. Both men stood strong in the end for their friends, families, and themselves. D.

) How are the themes in The Crucible still relevant in today’s world The crucible is relevant in today’s world, although there isn’t an ongoing witch trail a major role took part in the Cold War with the fear of communism there were several accused of being different. In modern society, people of color are seen differently as well and those tendencies will never change. Mass hysteria is still relevant today with fear of Muslims having to be cautious is one but many are inappropriate of the group. Such as the Crucible, having take a small outcome into a devastation killing many innocent people.

A)What preconceptions might prevent Danforth from hearing evidence? Preconceptions that prevent Danforth from hearing evidence given to him by Giles Corey to free his third wife for being accused of witchery mainly is due to it being an attack on the court. Danforth prevents himself from such evidence because once someone is accused of being a witch it’s done. By letting Giles leave without reason “your old age could keep you out of this” is remarked by Danforth meaning it’s best to leave the situation as is. Giles blames himself and states “I have broke charity with her.” B)Why has Hale lost the authority he possessed at the beginning of the play?Hales authority he possessed at the beginning has lost value to the court when he first arrives to Salem his expertise and confidence give off a certitude believing that his presence is needed in Salem. Hale soon begins to realize many others are being accused of witchcraft such as Rebecca Nurse and Elizabeth Proctor these accusations lead Hale in changing his religious authorities, but not in the lord. Hales character changes from ingenuous to impassioned defender of equity.

From signing death warrants to finding out there a lie Hale quits the court.C) How does Danforth’s position in society validates his belief that the accused in Salem are witches? Danforth’s position in society validate his belief that the accused in Salem are witches due to it being a “invisible crime” only the victim and the witch could be called upon not a lawyer the court already claims the witch guilty. An example of Danforth’s belief is when Hale requests as a lawyer for Proctor, but Danforth sees Proctor as being guilty and no need for arguing. Furthermore, Danforth’s claim is “Your a witch or your not” no type of evidence will change his mind.


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