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Muyen et. al (2016) described that this technique of using waste PET bottles as bricks has become popular in low-income communities around the world. In the current study, the bottle bricks were found to be stronger than conventional bricks and concrete cinders blocks. These bottle bricks are also Tk. 5.18 cheaper than the conventional bricks.

Considering the strength and the relatively low cost of construction, they can very successfully become the next construction material of choice for Bangladesh, too. These houses would be a positive change in our urban fringe and slum areas’ landscape.According to Ellen MacArthur (2017), shifting to a real circular economy for plastics is a massive opportunity to close the loop, save billions of dollars, and decouple plastics production from fossil fuel consumption. The researchers believe that if some parts of the world like Africa would use such concept with the help of a particular government or organization, they’d be able to live in a comfortable home without having to worry about anything regarding their needs of the shelter.

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it is stated that being lighter, plastic bottle walls may be better against earthquakes; due to the compaction of filling cloth within the bottles, they are 20 times greater load resistant than traditional bricks; those filling substances additionally make these partitions bulletproof. Those walls can also assist themselves. Whilst these bottles are filled with sand, gravel, and cork or wood debris, these bottle walls also have a notable insulating capability. These walls can take in abrupt shock loads; being non-brittle they produce an awful lot much less creation waste in comparison to conventional bricks. Additionally, they suggested that in comparison to brick and urban block partitions, plastic bottle walls value seventy-five percent less (Shoubi, 2013).

Pater’s (2016) described that reusing plastic bottles as the building materials could have substantial effects on saving the building embodied energy by using them instead of bricks in walls and reducing the CO2 emission in manufacturing the cement by reducing the percentage of cement used. Plastic bottles wall has been less costly as compared to bricks and also they provide greater strength than bricks.According to every house – with one bedroom, dwelling room, bathroom, restroom, and kitchen – use an anticipated 7,800 plastic bottles. This “bottle brick” technology started 9 years ago in India, South and crucial the United States, supplying a value-powerful, environmentally-pleasant opportunity to traditional constructing bricks. Yahaya Ahmed of Nigeria’s improvement affiliation for Renewable Energies estimates that a bottle house will price one-third of what a comparable residence made from concrete and bricks might fee (Olukoya, 2011).


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