Music tells me at times what I should

Music can be found everywhere in our world.

It helps people find themselves, and helps them through hard times that we all face in our lives. The music that we all listen to puts us in our own little world, it makes us feel more alive, and makes us forget whatever made us feel angry, sad, depressed, etc. Compare it back to the late 1900s that some of the music does not actually play in the now generations. Because some of the older generations don’t really understand the music that our now generation youths listen to. Because what the older generation doesn’t understand is how the music artists write about their own lives and actual events that have occurred in our society. The older generation are so used to listening to the music that was created in the 60s, 70s, and 80s.

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So the question that appears to be asked is “why should the people that are not in our generation listen to our now generation music”. Music is a way of communicating how we feel. Sometimes in our lives, it is difficult to say how we feel to other people, but with music we find the words that are missing and the messages that we are trying to tell people. We all can find the words that we are looking for by either writing songs or just listening to different songs on the radio or anywhere we are. I know when I have trouble finding the words that I want to say to people, I write songs to express how I feel about them or different things in life. Music is powerful, it can pretty much move people or change them. Musicians express themselves thorough their art is part of who they are.

Music and lyrics are the tools that musicians have. Personally, I love music because it has helped me in so many ways. Music to me is like my really good friend who cheers me up when I’m down and pretty much tells me at times what I should do about something.

Believe it or not music can even bring people together. It has been proved that music is related to creativity, and not only among artists. Because state the fact that music now days show how much people can relate to it such as rap, hip-hop, country, and many more. Like for an example some of the younger generations still like the old school music, same with the older generation. Some of the old generation folks don’t really understand the music, especially the words, and the whole entire story of what the artist is trying to tell.

But some how they relate some of the words to the old school songs that have been played. Just from hearing other younger generations they do like listening to the new generation music, because they say that they grew up listening to the type of music we hear on the radio now days. I myself have grew up in between listening to the old school and the new school music, and it really helps with songwriting and to get my words out and expressing my thoughts towards life and other music. So for an older generation they can listen and experience the way the new generations listen to music, and it can be motivating to keep on going with the type of music that you may have preferred. You can even listen to what others had to say about the new generation of music and to see if they are correct on what they had to say. Because sometimes the others can be wrong on what they say and you may be interested in what the new generation listen to.

I myself like listening to all different types of music, because it helps with writing songs, and the main one that I am interested in listening into is rap, hip-hop, and R&B. So to conclude everything together, I would want to suggest that you would at least give the types of music a bit of a shot to see what you think. Because, it may turn out that you may like what you hear and you may not like to hear about the new generation music. So take it into consideration to at least give it a chance to hear the flow and beat of music. Just by either listening to the beats or the artist’s words can put you into a trance or in another world that makes you feel alive.


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