Music Argument

Messages are conveyed through music quickly and intelligently across the universe. It happens because of music which is one of the most well spread art compared to others such as drawings and paintings. People from all over the world have an unlimited access to different types of music.

Pitch (tune and harmony), rhythm (tempo, meter and articulation), dynamics and sonic qualities of resonance and texture are the most common essentials of any music. The traditions and social context of a community have a sturdy sway on the formation, performance, significance and even definition of music. Various groups and folks make use of music for diverse purposes.

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Some people use it to promote peace, oppose an authority or habit and instigate people, conserve environment, entertainment while others use it to spread the gospel. Music influences on people in different ways. Therefore, an artist should find ways to persuade the audience. It goes without saying that the purpose of the goal of argumentative writing is to persuade people that your ideas are very interesting and worth of using and paying attention to.

It is also important to make the audience believe that your ideas may be very helpful in this or that issue or be appropriate in different problems or complicated situations. The means of persuasion categorized into three. This paper will attempt to explore the three means of persuasions in music. Music is a part of life and can greatly affect the emotional condition of a person. Each nationality uses its own music according to the languages and some corresponding like of the folk.

Listening to some music, a person feels a lot including the moments when he/she feels that the moment has already happened, or feels something very dear and close to the heart. When used say in advertisement, the rhythm and melody tend to move people to like the product or the information being relayed. An emotion is a way of creating a strong connection between the target audience and the message, especially, if the beats and tempo of the music are arranged in an alluring style.

In William Blake (early romantic poet 1757-1827) songs of experience, in the second stanza, “calling the lapsed soul, and weeping in the evening dew, the might control, the starry pole, and fallen, fallen light renew”, we see use of well arranged lyrics which easily moves the audience. The arrangement of words in the song emotionally relays his appalling demonstration of the contemporary London. The tone of the poem brings out the bottomless grief that he intends to put across. This example portrays well how emotion in an argumentative writing has profound connection with the audience and can easily persuade them to like the music.

Further, for music to project impression to the audience, there has to be some ethical appeal. One of the most important and first points is to ensure the audience that your arguments are interesting to take and that the ideas are quite valuable on the background of this or that aspect. It is important to work as a leader who is worth to betaken seriously and with appropriate respective attitude. Artists engage themselves in extra ordinary activities such as charity, giving back to the community in order to earn respect of the audience. For instance, R.

E.M, an American music rock band based in Georgia and founded in the early 80s is considered ne of the most politically correct and liberal rock groups of time. The group earned its respect by donating funds to local charities and to help renovate and preserve historic buildings in the town. Further, R.E.M spoke eloquently and loudly on feminist, human rights, and environmental causes and is involved in voters’ registration encouragement.

Besides, the group was very active in telling Americans of the suffering in Burma. It is clear that artist have to go a long away in order to earn admiration of the audience. In their composition titled, it’s the end of the world as we know it (and I feel fine), in the second stanza, six o’clock TV hour, don’t get caught in foreign towers, slash and burn, return, listen to yourself churn. The tone of this piece indicates authority. That authority they gained from respect earned. Therefore, to persuade an audience, the person who relays music should be respectable.

Reasoning is also another important point when trying to persuade somebody. Reasoning is a key to a successful persuasion that works out in the most of the cases that take place in a daily life. Paul “Sage” a hip-hop artist based in providence, RI quoted that style blends a varying tone and delivery with subject matter that focuses on intricate sequences of widely varying imagery, metaphors, the occasional pun, or absurdist word play often times in the form of phonetic mix-ups and rhetorical excursions and pop culture references. In response to his refusal to identify as straight edge, Francis stated that one should not define yourself by what you don’t do. Further, he referenced his vegetarianism in his lyrics and has appeared in promotional material for PETA. In one of his poem titled narcissist, we see a profound use of logic. The lyrics are I don’t look at myself in the mirror because I am a narcissist, I simply like to watch myself exist, now I’m in a fog and mist, now my reflection is anonymous, Ponder this.

He uses logic and the audience would easily get allured due to the logic in his lyrics. In summary, composing music is just not adequate. An artist should persuade the audience to listen to his/her lyrics. For them to appeal to the audience, artists can use any of the three categories of persuasion, that is, ethos (credibility or ethical appeal), pathos (emotional) and Logos (logical) in their work. Further, the lyrics, tone, melody and rhythm of music can be arranged to embrace the three categories of persuasion.


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