Multicellularorganisms are composed of specialized

Multicellularorganisms are composed of specialized cells organized in a cellular community.

(Chander and Viselli, 2010) Cell division can occur in 2 different ways;  ·     Mitosis – Itproduces two genetically identical daughter cells. This occurs during growth,development and to replace worn out cells. (Goldberg, 2010) ·     Meiosis – Thesecells contain only a copy of each pair of chromosomes present in the parentcell. It involves two divisions of the nucleus and cytoplasm of the parentscell. It includes two cell divisions, which produces 4 daughter cells whereeach contains half of the original number of chromosomes.1.

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    1stdivision – separates the members of each pair of chromosomes 2.    2nddivision – separates the two copies of each chromatid (Givens and Reiss, 2002)  Figure 1. Division in mitosis and meiosis, n=haploid number of chromosomes (Goldberg,2010) Thecell cycle is divided into three major sections; 1.    Interphase – Nucleardivision, cellular growth and DNA synthesis takes place2.    Mitosis /Meiosis– Division of genetic information.

3.    Cytokinesis –Cytoplasmic division (Chander and Viselli, 2010)


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