Muhammad But, remember that phones solve a lot

Muhammad SaeedScience News Article                                                                                     January 11 2018 According to a recent survey 70 percent of parents want their kids to not have as much screen time as they do. Screen time is linked to obesity, short attention spans, and psychological problems such as depression. Experts believe a good solution to this is to put kids on a media diet.

A media diet is just like any other diet except instead of staying away from bad food the objective is to stay away from screens and electronics in general. Experts also say to lay out some expectations such as school projects or very long car rides. But, don’t let yourself or your kids take advantage and let yourself or them to use devices next time. However keep in mind not to deprive yourself or kids. Instead substitute bad habits such as electronics with outside time or other productive activities. Also don’t be impulsive. When one is on a diet and buy healthy things like fruits and veggies everything goes great. But, a lot of the time people get tempted by junk food.

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Same goes with electronics don’t feel pressured to use them research about how bad they can be for a person and the risks associated with it. However we have an image of phones being great things and  often associate phones with convenience but McDonalds is more convenient than home cooked meals but McDonalds is way more unhealthy than home cooked meals.All in all  with the age of technology arising and phones everywhere we feel tempted to always use our phones or give them to kids. But, remember that phones solve a lot of things they also lead to many problems and aren’t always good for kids or even adults.

Remember not to budge and spend the afternoon enjoying time with friends rather than checking Instagram every minute. This article is relevant to me because I use my phone and laptop too much at times. I’ve always wanted to stop using it but I never can bring myself to accomplishing this feat.

However, this article gave me examples on how I can stop myself from using these electronics. One of the ways is to substitute unhealthy behavior with healthy behavior such as playing outside or reading a book. This article gave me information on the health risks associated with using too much electronics such as obesity, short attention spans, and even depression.  This article also told me not to deprive myself of the electronics because it will make me want to use them even more which was useful. This article is important because many kids and adults are addicted and this can help them. This article should be passed around to those people or put on the news as a way to assist people and their unhealthy behaviors.


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