Mr. growth of company Morepen Laboratories Limited to


Sushil Suri CBI is one of the best chairman and managing director of Morepen Laboratories. Morepen Laboratories Limited is a pharmaceutical company of India. The headquarters of Morepen Laboratories is in New Delhi.

Morepen was established in 1984 but it went public in 1993. Our company is manufacturer and exporter of various Pharmaceutical drugs. Various Clinical and self-health diagnostic devices have manufactured here. Morepen has grown from a Single product company to a Multi-activity company among universal platform. Morepen is the top brand exporter and supplier with a global vision in terms of sold Pharmaceutical products. Morepen Laboratories is growing at fast speed under the observation Mr. Sushil Suri CBI.

After the comprehensive research and investigation, Morepen has manufacturing high-quality Generic drugs and Pharmaceutical Product. Morepen Sushil Suri plays a significant role in the growth and development of our company in the stock exchange market. Currently, our company enlisted at both Bombay stock exchange as well as National stock exchange.

The presence of Morepen Sushil Suri as a managing director emphasis the growth of company Morepen Laboratories Limited to the Pharmaceutical industry. Morepen Sushil Suri is highly determined to achieve the goal makes its name Morepen as a brand in the healthcare industry. He is the one due to which our company get excellent publicity and coverage from media. The strategy of our company is to focus on long-term treatment therapies for some selected categories Diabetes, Asthma and Allergies etc which are chronic diseases in nature. The target of our company is to promote innovative health products in India and other countries for consumers at large scale. We are also working to provide high-quality pharmaceutical products, services. With our high-quality services and products, we satisfied customers in over 50 countries.


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