Mr. of loyal customers. Some dealers believe

Mr. Muhammad Imran Sheikh, the man behind bringing the brand Aerosoft, a Thai footwear to Pakistan, launched in early 2000’s. At that time, their footwear giant competitors were Bata and Servis. After few years, Aerosoft gained more attention when it started marketing its products aggressively through a single domestic distributing agency. Industry people say that the footwear brand has captured this market owing to its durable products and attractive designs. They have never lost sight of the inevitable price and turf-war with Servis and Bata – the dominant local players – and continue marketing products with affordable prices to keep the price conscious customers local to its brand. Dealers also say that Servis and Bata are facing difficulties in competing with the Thai brand owing to its growing number of loyal customers.

Some dealers believe that the quality of established brands have gone down considerably over the years while imported brands have not only maintained their quality but also improved their marketing tactics.

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