Moving beliefs, and evolvement of the scientists in

Movingaway from an a priori based reasoning, recent history of philosophy andeconomic methodology took a more “naturalistic turn,” which wasassociated with “Naturalised epistemology”.  As per this approach, science is influencedby practices of modern science in determining what counts as knowledge. Thereare a number of distinct approaches related to this idea, Sociology ofScientific Knowledge (SSK) to name one, which studies the involvement ofsociology to explain science and knowledge. It opposes the traditional approach of Philosophy of science, which wasinfluenced by logical positivism and dealt with matters of logic, inference,the role of assumptions and use of evidence. Whereas according to SSK, scienceis considered to be “socially constructed” and thus, givingsignificance to the context of discovery and opposing the received view ofscience, it argues that rather than its explanatory success, a scientifictheory must depend upon its compatibility with the social interests of thescientific community. This concept further argues that the traditionalphilosophy of science was perceived as prescriptive, relying on rules thatprescribe rational justification of what counts as knowledge, hence, notconcerned with how it is discovered. Claiming that what counts as a justifiedinference is a matter of scientist belief, SSK focuses on what is true or falseaccording to scientists.

SSK reflecting Kuhn’s work on paradigm shifts putimportance on the beliefs and preconceptions that scientists are unaware of,enabling them to see things subconsciously through a particular paradigm. Theseparticular paradigms attachments to scientists are usually influenced by theirsocial and professional life with the scientific community within which theyhave received training. Therefore, it is very important that we pay attentionto the practices, beliefs, and evolvement of the scientists in order toidentify and understand the scientific knowledge that they are trying toconvey, which was socially constructed and embedded in lives of thesescientists.  Embracing SSK’s approach of modern science,Faculty of business and economics organized themselves accordingly.

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Firstly,FEB puts great importance on credentials of their professors, with regard totheir professional life and where they have worked and studied from. Secondly,FEB encourages all members of the faculty to present their work, if any, in thefield of science. Since, it will not be just rejected if a theory partiallycontradicts another theory but will be studied and researched, regard tobeliefs and preconceptions of the presenter, with aid of experiments andresearch facility here.  This approach will boost the confidence ofyoung scientists, who are working every day on their theories in order to addto scientific knowledge. Also helping as a savior, this approach purifiesscientific knowledge of one from rational judgments of other scientists todetermine what constitutes as knowledge.

Furthermore, this approach does askfor an immense amount of research with regard to theory as well as the source,thus, it will require a good amount of money and time. Moreover, since webelieve what we need to and what we want to, so methods and thinking leading upto a certain discovery is indeed relevant, making the context of discoveryrelevant, as it will raise credibility and acceptance. 


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