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Mother Teresa was born August 26,1910 in Skopje, Macedonia. She was an Albanian-Indian Roman Catholic nun. She lived in Calcutta, India for many years where she founded the Missionaries of Charity. Mother Teresa was devoted to caring for the sick and the poor. She won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1970 for her work. On September 5, 1997 in Kolkata, India she died.

She was declared a saint on September 4, 2016. I will be writing about three qualities of Mother Teresa. The three qualities are that she is caring, humble, and devoted.

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 The first quality being represented is her being devoted. In Calcutta, she found a woman on the street, she was very sick, and she could not move. Mother Teresa carried the woman all the way to the hospital. When she got to the hospital the nurse told her that there was no room and to leave. Mother Teresa wouldn’t take no for an answer, so she wanted outside of the hospital while still carrying the women. She waited until the nurse came back outside and attended the women, she never left the woman instead she stayed with her.

Another story was when she helped the children of Calcutta read and write. She first started off by telling the kids a story, and then she taught them to read and write. She didn’t stop teaching the kids, after they knew how to read and write she helped the kids bathe themselves. Mother Teresa was very devoted to the children and to the sick women.

 Mother Teresa’s second quality is her being determined. In the movie she wanted to go to Calcutta to help the poor and the sick. She told the priest what she wanted to do, and he said that he would tell the bishop. The priest said that if she went to Calcutta she would no longer be a Loretto nun. She pushed until the bishop said that it was fine.

She later received a letter and it said that she was able to go to Calcutta and still be a nun. Another event that was in the movie was when the police was going to take away the “garbage”. Where she was working there was a big pile of things like clothes and other things. The police came and was trying to get rid of everything, but Mother Teresa stepped in. She told the police man that he could not take the pile of things. The police man wasn’t listening, but she wasn’t going to stop, she told the man that the pile he was going to take away helped people live. She told him that the police weren’t doing anything to help the village.

She finally convinced the man and he left without taking away the pile. Mother Teresa’s finally quality is her being humble. She had come back to her headquarters when a reporter told her that she was going to be presented with the Nobel Peace Prize. Her response wasn’t anything about herself instead she said: “Thank God for his gift for the poor” (Mother Teresa of Calcutta Wins Peace Prize 1979).

They then asked her how she felt and she said: “Personally I feel unworthy. But more aware of the condition of the poor” (Mother Teresa of Calcutta Wins Peace Prize 1979). In the movie she took someone to the hospital and the nurse told her she had to take care of herself. Mother Teresa still wanted to take care of the sick but the nurse told her that her health came first. She would have rather taken care of the sick instead of caring for herself. Mother Teresa was a very great and loving human.

It seemed like she cared for others more than she cared for herself. She loved everyone and she also respected everyone, she respected everyone’s beliefs and religion. She devoted her life to help those who are poor and ill.

Mother Teresa didn’t judge the people she helped, she saw them as a normal human being because that’s what they are. Just because they were poor didn’t mean they were like the rest of us. She also didn’t care if the people had a disease or were sick, all she wanted to do was help them. She was willing to leave her family at age nineteen in order to become a Loretto nun. Mother Teresa was a beautiful soul that shared her love with everyone.



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