Most 7 Zip is recommended because it

Most people use a cloud data storage for
their files, like Google Cloud, OneDrive, ICloud,, etc. Cloud is not
the answer for all storage, just like renting a storage unit you have to play
monthly for cloud storage anywhere between 0.002$-1$/GB/Month which will only
grow throughout your life. Hard drives on the other hand is a one purchase item
that can store 4 terabits (8 million Photos) for 100$. Different types of hard
drives do different things, for example a SSD (Sold State Drive) is faster and
more portable than a HDD (Hard Disc Drive) which can hold considerably more but
can lose everything if comes in contact with a magnet. To get the best
experience the computer should have a hybrid of both, which can take speed from
a SSD for the files used more frequently and storage capacity for the cat memes
you have only read once.

Having storage is worth nothing if you
can’t find what you want or is cluttered with large files, to keep a nice and
neat computer will probably require a great deal of folders and zip files. How
you set this up depends on what you’re storing, if it’s a variety of items it
is best to use folders to sort these items into categories an example of this is
the original folders set up on a Windows computer. This has folder called
libraries with subfolders that are for pictures, music, videos, and documents
but to further this system you could add more categories in these such as year
and then find the specific item by year. Using folders to store files can
change a lot from person to person but one thing that is something everyone
should do is to delete what you do not use and compress old files that you may
need (such as old billing information) into a zip file.

            Compressing a file makes it smaller
to free up space, or to decrease the time it takes to transfer the file between
storage devices. Compressing and uncompressing a file requires a program such
as WinRAR, 7zip, or Pkzip, 7 Zip is recommended because it is free on most
Windows computers. Large files that you download are often compressed to
decrease the time it takes to download, like large playlists of music, or Applications.
Without an application to uncompressed the files it is unusable.  Compressed Files can be password protected which
is one more layer of protection on important files.

            Another way to protect your files is
by backing them up on a spare storage device, because files can become corrupted
or lost, backing up files could be from backing up your whole operating system,
or just making a copy of all the super important files on your device, and
pasting them into a thumb drive. The easiest way to back up files is using windows
basic backup and restore program, you will also need a spare hard drive that
can hold a bit more than your hard drive installed to your computer. It is best
to back up your computer every 4 months; it is also a good idea to clear out
all the junk on your computer before you start the backup process. 


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