Moreover, listening classrooms. The proposed study showed that

Moreover,Teachers can understand and recognize which parts of listening comprehensionare challenging for the learners or which parts are not fully considered bythem. Then they can stress that successful listening comprehension would nottake place unless some appropriate tasks and strategies are implemented systematically.      Emphasizing the significance ofindividuals’ differences and their various learning styles, this studyencouraged teachers to provide opportunities for learners to become acquaintedwith the principles of ELT and help them apply them in their own listeningclassrooms. The proposed study showed that using CLT technique could beconsidered as an effective way for teaching and learning of listening skill.

       It could also offer valuable insights toEFL/ ESL/ESP teachers and syllabus designers to incorporate CLT methodology intheir teaching syllabi. Therefore, in the light of the findings of this study,it is recommended that language teachers incorporate CLT instructional methodsand activities into the classroom activities to accelerate students’development in listening skill and to promote and sustain learners’ effort inperformance completion.     These provide students with differentconditions to practice the language communicatively and developcognitively.  Moreover, according to thefindings of the current study, it can be concluded that using CLT technique canbe regarded as an efficient strategy to develop learners’ language proficiencyin EFL contexts like Iran. 5.5.2.

Recommendations for Future ResearchSomesuggestions for further research on EFL learners are presented in this section:     In the present study, only femaleparticipants took part, which limits the generalization of the results. Futurestudies need to be conducted with male students to get a more comprehensive viewof the effect of the aforementioned methodology on Iranian students.      The present study was conducted on intermediate EFLlearner. However conducting similar studies in other level is also recommended.       In thepresent research only audio taped material was used to investigate thelistening comprehension performance of language learners, but it is recommendedthat a similar research be conducted by using audio–visual for checking theeffect of different modes of instruction on Iranian EFL learners’ listeningcomprehension. 


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