Moreover, All these characters in a way

Moreover, Robert keeps his ideals by admiring others to help him living in a life with suffering and pain. A character that helps Robert set his goals of becoming a hero is Rowena. Rowena’s love for animals strongly influences Robert to save animals. There are many times throughout Robert’s life, where the ones that were close to him betrayes him afterwards, while trying to hold onto his ideals. For instance, when Rowena passed away, he feels that he has betrayed Rowena for what he has done and decides to enroll in the army. Robert burns a picture of Rowena which he finds that he is still trying to protect Rowena.

Robert does this in “not an act of anger – but an act of charity” (178) to remove her from this cruel and harsh world. Robert struggles through adapting a new life without his sister in having hope that there is going to be a new better day. Even in despair, Robert still manages to keep his ideals which represents how strong he is. Another character that he idolizes is Rodwell. In a letter that Rodwell has written to his daughter saying that, “We survive in one another. Everything lives forever. Believe it.

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Nothing dies” (135). Rodwell’s presence affects Robert’s point of view on life. Robert realizes that he should accept life as the way it is which encourages him to have hope in his ideals. The final character that Robert idolizes is Juliet. When Robert leaves the war, Juliet and himself develops a very close friendship together. Later on, when it was time for Robert to go back to the war, Juliet gives Robert a candle that “Robert blew out and put it in his pocket.” (180). Robert keeps this candle throughout his time in the war which symbolizes hope, prayer and eternal love for him to be safe in times that he is in danger.

Juliet impacted Robert’s life in having hope in life more than he had before. She gives him the strength of his ideal in becoming a hero and the hope of eternal life. All these characters in a way have made Robert to realize that there is hope in anything that he does or happens.

In spite of hopelessness, Robert is able to strongly hold onto his ideals, which makes him a hero.


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