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More than ever,men are partaking in cosmetic surgery and enjoying its benefits. While the numberof women undergoing procedures is still higher, men are increasingly visitingclinics such as UELC to find a way to become the best version of themselves. Ascosmetic surgery is becoming more common, men who are dissatisfied with theirappearance and looking to alter it are feeling more comfortable with the ideaof undergoing surgical procedures to correct issues holding them back frombeing confident. Top Male Procedures Offeredat UELCWhether lookingto turn back the clock or create a slimmer, more distinguished profile, hereare the five most popular cosmetic surgery procedures men are choosing whencoming to our cosmetic surgery office in Toronto:·        Hair Transplant https://www.– Male pattern baldness is caused by a mix of hormones and genetic predispositions.It is one of the most common issues men face, with an estimated 1 in 2 men over50 experiencing some form of male balding. It can occur in younger men as well.A hair transplant procedure moves hair from an area on the head with healthygrowth (donor zone) and uses it to fill a space that is lacking hair elsewhereon the scalp.·        Nose Job (Rhinoplasty)– Men opt for this procedure to enhance the overall attractiveness of theirface, as rhinoplasty improves the appearance and proportions of the nose relativeto the other features.

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It can also correct breathing issues, and reshapeinjured noses caused by breaks, helping to straighten them and remove lumps.·        Liposuction https://www.uelc.

ca/cosmetics/body/liposuction/ ­– Body weight is a struggle for numerousadults. Many turn to liposuction procedures to help sculpt their body. Thisprocedure can be done on almost any area of the body where fat is stored and iseffective for helping to eliminate deposits that have been resistant to any weightloss efforts. While women tend to have this procedure done on their lowerbodies, men often select their arms and abdomens.·        Male Breast Reduction – Some men experience what is called gynecomastia,which is the swelling of the breast tissue in males. This can be caused by avariety of factors, including weight gain, certain medications, and hormoneimbalances.

Many men who experience gynecomastia feel psychological andemotional distress because of their condition and seek cosmetic surgery tocorrect the problem and regain a masculine appearance to their chest. Our Torontoclinic performs this procedure on an outpatient basis, with minimal swelling, bleeding,and discomfort.·        Injectables– Men who are looking for a younger, softer appearance turn to injectables andfillers. They will often choose Botox to refresh their overall appearance forits abilities to reduce the look of wrinkles, particularly around the eyes,brows, and forehead.

Fillers are used to lift the face, and fill deep lines,grooves, and hollows to restore a youthful appearance. Both men and women oftenget fillers around the eye area to remove the look of dark circles and sunken,tired eyes.Explore Your OptionsWith moremen realizing the benefits cosmetic surgery can offer them, it is becomingincreasingly common to have them coming in to UELC for consultations and procedures.The options are available for men to look and feel their best, and they aretaking advantage of it.

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