Montag’s evil. At the end Mildred gives a

        Montag’s upcoming stage in Fahrenheit 451 had made big changes in his society because what he did nobody else would have thought to do. His curiosity for books is what made him go against all rules, and he himself had all types of books in his house hidden away from the firemen. He frustration that no one would even understand what books had to offered to the world and what your imagination could achieve with them, he showed the books to Mildred. Her first reaction was to burn the books, thinking that the books were bad and evil. At the end Mildred gives a report to firemen  accusing her husband of possessing books, showing just how much control their government has  over society and how little, people really care about each other . Montag was forced to burn everything even his house, and ended up murdering Beatty, the Chief fireman. The only thing left to do was run and be chased by the Mechanical Hound.       In the novel when Montag said “You always said, don’t face a problem, burn it. Well, now I’ve done both.” (Bradbury 121) he was talking about Beatty. Beatty was Montags problem, he followed this advised not to face problems but to burn them. You could tell that Captain Beatty Beatty wants Montag to kill him. He provokes him knowing Montag has a flamethrower in hand. Beatty asks why Montag would keep the books. When Montag doesn’t give an answer, Beatty hits him, knocking the secret radio Faber had given Montag. Beatty picks it up, saying he will “drop in on your friend” (bradbury 120). Even though Beatty sees Montag turn the flamethrower on he keeps bothering him to hand the weapon in. Montag doesn’t want to and ends up burning Beatty to death (burning his problem. After this what could mostly happen is him being wanted just for doing what he thought was right. “So now do you see why books are hated and feared? They show the pores in the face of life. The comfortable people want only wax moon faces, poreless, hairless, expressionless.” (Bradbury.129-30). Nobody could keep others from doing what they pleased. After this maybe more people would start to read maybe not but for sure their society will change forever.           In conclusion, I believe this is one of the most important quotes, this is where he you could definitely see the change in himself. Everything is going to be different after this moment and I was only because he followed his own rules and did what he wanted. There will be some consequences but maybe it will be all worth it. Maybe firemen will end fires instead of starting them just for some books.


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