MongolsMongols have a long history of being animal herders that roamed the lands. The reason for this is because the land they lived on was because water was a hard source to come upon. Many plants that grew on their land were not enough for the tribes to live on. This would not be the case for too long though. The tribes would eventually allied with Turkish tribes who would build empires.

Soon Mongols would build their own empire. A lot of the Mongol’s history they were warriors who went into civilization and take over. But they were not about destruction. When they eventually had an empire they had many beautiful works of art.

They used some of their “slaves” or people they captured in battle to help make their empire beautiful. They had gold and silver statues. They had decorative garments for their priests who conducted service.

Along with all of these beautiful artifacts religion played a major role in Mongol lives. Mongols had many different types of religion. Buddhism, Nestorian Christianity, and Manichaeism. Many of these religions were also spread to other people, which is another way of creating and not destroying.

There was a lot of Mongol armies in their time that destroyed and conquered, but there was also the other side of Mongols which I stated earlier. Another thing to take into consideration during this time period if you were not a power meaning having a strong army then you were probably under some one else’s power. This did not leave much choice for the Mongols.


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