Goal: Below are some additional features. Choose

Goal: Develop a feature-rich web-navigation applet.A. Select a narrow scope area under one of the broad categories listed below: Sports – Basketball, Football, Hockey, Cycling, etc. Music – Classical, Rock, Blues, Jazz, etc. Movies – Domestic Action, Domestic Drama, Foreign Action, etc. Cooking – Domestic, French, Italian, Indian, etc.

Reading/Books – Fiction, Biography, History, Computing, Popular Science, etc. Travel – A specific region (e.g., Western Europe) or country Health – A specific category: Cancer Prevention/Treatment, Depression/Anxiety, Eating Healthy/Diet, Exercise, etc. TV – Sitcoms, soaps, game shows, advertisement, etc.

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B. It must help the user retrieve web pages or records relevant to the chosen narrow scope area. The interface should anticipate the types of searches the user may perform and provide features designed for those searches. For example, if you select “Eating Healthy” as your area, the search interface should aid the user in searching through well known resources such as MedlinePlus.

gov, HealthFinder.gov, and WebMD.com for content. C.

It should help the user find information from at least three different sources (i.e., web search engines).

The system should offer at least two ways of retrieving information: D. Allow users to choose a keyword from a drop-down menu or a list (you can use your own keywords or rely on an established source like MeSH — see below).E. Allow users to search by entering keywords into a textfield. F. The interface should allow the user to view explanatory information on keywords. The user should be able to type in a keyword and request that a brief explanatory note be displayed that defines the scope of the term, possible relationship with other terms, and search examples that utilize the term.

G. The user should be able to view online help on searching, with examples of searches, on separate windows.Below are some additional features. Choose one from below or invent one yourself.* Implement a search history feature that maintains the last few keywords in a list.* Implement one or more advanced query features such as Boolean logic.* Support access to non-text data: pictures, audio, or video.Bibliography:


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