“Mom tar finally builds up and then

“Mom I know you smoke”.

And it’s ok but here are some reasons why you should stop smoking because it causes diseases, it makes your teeth fall out, it has poisonous things in it. My first reason why you should not smoke is because it causes disease like cancer, cancer is bad because it would lead you right to the hospital and then you will die because we have not yet found a cure for cancer and you would spend lots of time in the hospital than with you family because if you get cancer you don’t know when you will die because it is very unexpected, it could happen at any time and “according to the bolton stop smoking services”, “You can also get larynx (voice box) cancer, which is were it damages your voice box very badly and makes you speak like you have just in hailed healium but every day”. You can also get lung cancer than your lungs are filled with tar which leads you to not breath well and lots of coughing until one day you can’t breathe because of how much tar is in you lungs and that can also happen at any time because you could one day just have air in your lungs until the tar finally builds up and then you randomly stop breathing because too much tar in your lungs. One more dezies you could get is a heart attack, so say you just got done smoking and then you are sitting in side and the you have a heart attack you could either die or go into a coma or say you are with your family and you have a heart attack and it turns out you died from it it would leave everyone devastated because know one knew why you did until they figure out it was the the devil’s gift,a.

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k.a cigarettes fault that you just died. Secondly it causes your teeth to fall out wich would be bad because it would make it really hard to chew so then you could only have drinks and soft things because you have most of your teeth missing, Also you probably would have sore gums so could not have acidic things like orange juice or even the peppermint tea that you have, “so basically all you can have is water and that’s really it or herbal tea which probably is not that good so you might just want to stick to water because herbal tea gross”.

Another reason why your teeth falling out would be bad because imagine trying to go to a restaurant and when you order they see how you have missing teeth they would probably be freaked out or some people would probably ask you and then you would probably be very embarrassed that someone wanted to know about your teeth, also some people might even treat you differently because you have close to no teeth you would not get the respect you usually would get. One more reason why your teeth falling out would be bad because imagine all the money you would have to pay for getting false teeth and how many appointments you would have because false teeth don’t just come free they cost money and it is not like they are cheap either because first you would have to tell them about it, then they would have to measure your mouth to they can fit it in and then days later you come back and then you would have to by them, then you would have to wait until it is your turn, then you have to fit them in which would probably hurt a lot.Lastly cigarettes also have very poisonous is things in like lead, butane and arsenic.

The first poisonous thing it has in it lead, lead is used in battery acid which if you don’t know battery acid burns badly when it comes in contact with your skin imajine the pain of the acid when it comes in contact with your insides it would probably no not probably definitely would hurt you when it comes in contact with your insides and this is like you just cracked open a battery and drank the acid in it.  The second poisonous thing cigarettes have in is butane, butane is used in lighter fluid, so basically you are like a human flamethrower maybe even you could catch on fire when the floods hit the fluids in your stomach it could light you on fire  


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