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1 by Haneen Elsheikhi


behavioral researchers concur that youngsters with high confidence feel more
deserving of affection, have more grounded ethics, and see themselves as making
important commitments to their group and family.



is self esteem?


it means having a good opinion of yourself and feeling good
about yourself as a person.


The feeling wit self esteem?


Valued and respected by others ,having a positive thinking
despite of difficulties



is low self esteem?

it means having a lower opinion of yourself, and feeling
inadequate, inferior, or not deserving of good things.


feeling with low self esteem?

and disappointment about yourself ,and expect people don’t accept you with a
negative thought

 The ways of developing self esteem :

Focus on what goes well for you

View mistakes and try to fix it

Try new things the help you

Set goals



The importnance of body image and self esteem?


esteem is about the amount you believe you are worth — and the amount you feel
other individuals esteem you. Self esteem is imperative since liking yourself
can influence your emotional well-being and how you act.


image is about  by which you see your
physical self — including whether you believe you are alluring and whether
others like your looks. For some individuals, particularly individuals in their
initial teenagers, self-perception can be firmly connected to confidence.


sources of health information




Healthcare Providers

health clinics, and hospitals provide services that can
improve your health.


Family  a great source
of information about your health history.


Parks and recreation centers offer opportunities for physical
and mental fitness


The media, like the Internet, has a huge  information, but not all of the information
is credible


The businesses around you, your faith-based community, or even
your neighborhood can offer healthy activities for your physical and mental health.


Government and Law

The government and law maintains fairness, order, and safety
in our communities. As part of safety, the government has organizations that
help us stay as healthy as we can be.

Schools and Education

Schools offer many opportunities and advices about health


 Possible community issues
may include:

1. Community self-esteem

2.Community morals

3.Proper drainage

4. Recycling collection

5. Accessible hazardous waste station

6. Public restroom availability




You settle on numerous wellbeing related choices every day. You
may consider the choices you make, or you are basically carrying on
propensities learned as you were growing up. Your wellbeing practices are
either endeavors toward your own wellbeing, or you are following the law, or
following a rule to keep another person from getting to be plainly wiped out.











2 by layal wael


this lesson, you will figure out how to recognize dietary rules that advance
and keep up great wellbeing. You will likewise assess your own eating regimen,
group nourishment, decide fitting serving sizes, and investigate physical
action rules.

should eat an assortment of sustenance’s to get the supplements you require and
the appropriate measure of calories to keep up a solid weight. The quantity of
servings that are appropriate for you relies upon what number of calories you
require, which relies upon your age, sex, body size, and how dynamic you are
physically. As a teenager, your movement necessities are higher than a
grown-up. You ought to be engaged with no less than a hour of day by day direct
to enthusiastic physical movement (MVPA).

organic product or 100% natural product juice considers some portion of the
Fruit Group. Natural products might be crisp, canned, solidified, or dried, and
might be entire, cut-up, or pureed.

is a suggestion to locate your adhering to a good diet style and construct it
all through your lifetime. All that you eat and drink matters. The correct
blend can enable you to be more advantageous now and later on. This


on assortment, sum, and nourishment. 


nourishments and refreshments with less soaked fat, sodium, and included


with little changes to manufacture more beneficial eating styles. 


adhering to a good diet for everybody.


changes for style health:


an eating style that can enhance your wellbeing now and later on by rolling out
little improvements after some time. Consider changes that mirror your own
inclinations, culture and conventions. Think about each change as a
“win” as you fabricate positive propensities and discover
arrangements that mirror your adhering to a good diet style. Utilize the tips
and connections beneath to discover little triumphs that work for you.

Focus on whole fruits

your veggies 

Make half your gains whole grains.

Vary your protein routine.


Module 3, done by: Asmaa



In this module will talk about communication Communication : is a process by
which information is exchanged between people through a common system of
symbols and signs of behavior .

types of communication are:

             Verbal communication

      Nonverbal communication One-way  



Types of messages :

I message

is a style of communication that focuses on the feelings or
beliefs of the speaker rather than thoughts and characteristics that the
speaker attributes to the listener.

Ex : a person might say to his or her partner, “I feel abandoned
and worried when you consistently come home late without calling” instead of
demanding, “Why are you never home on time ?

“I” Statement Patterns

I feel…………when you……….because I……..

I think…….when you….because I

I need….for you….because I

You message: Suggest blame, and encourage the recipient to deny wrong-doing or
to blame back

Ex : if you say, “You broke your promise,” the answer
is likely to be, “No, I didn’t,” which sets you up for a lengthy
argument, or, “Well, you did, too,” which also continues the


1)Verbal communication : involves the use of words to send information , and  it includes writing.


2)Nonverbal communication: is a type of communication that we don’t  use spoken language.

there are many different types of nonverbal communication


Facial expressions


able to express countless emotions without saying a word like

happiness, sadness, anger, surprise, fear,

Body movements and posture


The way you move and carry yourself communicates a wealth of
information to the world


includes your posture, bearing, stance, and subtle movements.



are woven into the fabric of our daily lives

can be very different across cultures and regions,


Eye contact


Is important in maintaining the flow of conversation and for
gauging the other person’s interest and response.



Active listening skills

when the listener gives the speaker frequent feedback.

 to show the speaker
that the listener understands the message.)




three common ways to paraphrase are as follows:

“What I think I hear you saying

“In other words, you think

“Correct me if I’m wrong, but
aren’t you saying.


Road blocks of  communication:

the following roadblocks are examples of problems that may occur
in communication.

  Avoiding subjects : it is when
someone avoid a specific subject even if it is such an important decision like:
divorce, death ,abuse.


Mind reading:

Sometimes people start expecting what the others think and mean
without asking them to explain,


Mixed messages:

ex; an overweight child is rewarded by food and candy



Silence treatment:

 send a very strong
message that something is wrong , without explaining .



Tuning out:

 ex The television, loud
music ,this things disturbs your 
attention to the conversation


Different outlooks: it is about the differences between the point of views between


 Dommunication zone


Do you know approximately 1.5 million high school students are
physically hurt by a person they’re dating each year.

Relationships information:


Dating violence

Dating violence is physical, sexual, emotional, or verbal abuse
from a romantic or sexual partner. Some people call dating violence domestic
abuse, especially when you live with your partner.


            2) Warning signs

Committing any physical violence, such as hitting, pushing, or
slapping you

Putting you down, including your appearance (clothes, makeup,
hair, weight), intelligence, and activities

Checking cell phones, emails or social
networks without permission

Extreme jealousy or insecurity

Constant belittling or put-downs

3) Healthy relationship

Different people define relationships in different ways. But in
order for a relationship to be healthy, it needs a few key ingredients


4) Healthy Communication


Speak Up.

Respect Each Other. . Mutual respect
is essential in maintaining healthy relationships.

Compromise. Disagreements are
a natural part of healthy relationships, but it’s important that you find a way
to compromise if you disagree on something.

Be Supportive. Offer reassurance
and encouragement to each other.          

•           Respect
Each Other’s Privacy. Healthy relationships require space.


Tips for quitting dating violence :

For Abusers:


 change yourself before
you regret  and ask someone to help you

Avoid family and friends that are

Walk away from arguments

gather your thoughts and think
carefully of the relationship

Be patient



For victims:

If you don’t feel safe, break up with
family or friends

Talk with family and friends for

Strive to make  your own life decisions.

Fill your free time with 
benefit things

your ex  who seeks you out..


What is the relationship between
technology and abuse?


Digital abuse is a type of abuse that uses technology, especially texting or
social media. Digital abuse is more common among younger adults,


Digital abuse can include:

Repeated unwanted calls or texts

Harassment on social media

Pressure to send nude or private pictures
(called “sexting”)

Demanding your passwords to social
media sites and email.


In a healthy relationship, both partners respect relationship
boundaries. You do not have to send any photos that make you uncomfortable.
Once you send a revealing photo, you have no control over who sees it. The
other person can forward it or show it to others.



 family communication


 Communication styles can
differ among family members. Styles of communication can be destructive or


Vertical communication: is the communication where information or messages flows
between or among the subordinates and superiors of the organizational


presentation of vertical
communications is as follows:









Conflict  sometimes  happens when people  in a relationship encounter a powerlessness
to impart in a compelling way. Everyone 
may think his or her conclusion is correct, and that can prompt genuine



goals of an “I” message are :


to react in a way that will
de-heighten the contention .

to distinguish sentiments and approve
the other individual’s emotions .

to distinguish practices that are
causing the contention

to move in the direction of
determination of the contention


How to avoid conflict?


            a)         Be
agreeable during conversation and don’t get out of  control when you speak .

b) Commonly concur on
the time and place to talk about a significant issue.

c) Give equal time for
both sides .

d) No undermining
permitted, either verbal or physical. In the event that you are in a
circumstance where there is savagery … get out and get help.

e)  Hear each out other; the emotions being
communicated are genuine.




e  Sources:

National Center on Domestic and Sexual Violence. (2012). What Are the Early Warning Signs of
Teen Dating Violence?














Module 4
by Nariman Alburaihy


A few medications
may give the client a charming sentiment happiness while in the meantime
wrecking cerebrum cells, misshaping discernment, causing discouragement, and
notwithstanding prompting demise. There are the individuals who utilize
medicates as their standard of individual flexibility, but, they are anchored
and subjugated to the substance they figured they could control. Life is tied
in with settling on decisions and choices that decide our way. Choosing not to
smoke or choosing to quit smoking is one of the most advantageous choices you
will make. How about we take a gander at the realities, measure the
confirmation, and after that keep away from the perilous and dangerous results
of tobacco utilize.


smoking causes more than 480,000 passing’s every year in the United States.
This is almost one of every five deaths. Smoking causes a larger number of
passing’s every year than the accompanying causes consolidated.

1. Human
immunodeficiency infection (HIV)

Liquor utilize

Engine vehicle wounds

smoking expands chance for death from all causes in men and ladies.


for quitting smoking:
person counseling and support






Every year lives are disrupted, destroyed, impaired and crippled
by accidents resulting from drinking and driving.

Liquor weakened driving is the main source of death
among adolescents matured 15 through 19.

6,694 individuals were killed in crashes including
liquor in the United States – a normal of one at regular intervals.



The liquor substance of a consistent lager, glass of
supper wine and shot of bourbon or other refined soul (80 proof) are all the
same. This is liquor proportionality.

Guardians have extraordinary impact over the
decisions their kids make about liquor now and later on.

Drinking by understudies in the U.S. keeps dropping
to memorable new lows.


can you keep your baby safe from alcohol during pregnancy?

the off chance that you don’t drink liquor amid pregnancy, your infant can’t
have FASDs or some other medical issues caused by liquor. In case you’re
pregnant or notwithstanding considering getting pregnant, don’t drink liquor.




to stop drinking alcohol during pregnancy:

Consider when you more often than not drink liquor.
Plan to drink different things, similar to fruity beverages or water. Utilize a
fun straw or put an umbrella in the glass to influence it to appear to be more

Avoid circumstances or spots where you typically
drink, similar to gatherings or bars.

Tell your accomplice and your loved ones that you’re
not drinking liquor amid pregnancy. Request that they help and bolster you.



       1.inhalants: They
include solvents, aerosols, some anesthetics, and other             chemicals.


Drugs can disturb the sensory system in your body, causing changes in the way
you sense your general surroundings and causing “mental trips”.
Individuals who utilize these medications experience serious difficulties
focusing, imparting, or differentiating amongst reality and dream. Normal
psychedelic drugs of mishandle incorporate LSD, Ecstasy, and PCP.


Opiates are utilized to treat torment and initiate anesthesia. Opiates can be
regulated in an assortment of ways including orally, transdermal (over the
skin), or by infusion. As medications of manhandle, they are generally smoked,
sniffed, or infused. A standout amongst the most well-known opiates of
manhandle is heroin.


This causes the heart to beat faster.


Depressants are drugs that ease nervousness and deliver rest. The impacts
incorporate diminished sharpness, disarray, languor, absence of coordination,
touchiness, poor coordination, absence of judgment, loss of hunger, rest issue,
sickness, habit and conceivable passing.


Weed is thought to be a ‘door sedate’. This implies pot utilize can make ready
to ‘harder’ or other unlawful medications. Frequently the cannabis client is
put into contact with clients or dealers of different medications.


OTC (Over-the-Counter Drugs) — You as often as possible hear this expression in
notices. Over-the-counter medicines are regularly publicized on TV in a way
that indoctrinates watchers into believing that whatever upsets you, there is a
prescription to improve everything. Be careful!! There is risk hiding on the
racks of your nearby medication store.
















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