Modern molding machine process. In industries there are

Modern Approaches In Manufacturing of Plastic Products   Abdul Subhan M.Faris Khan Department of Mechatronics Engineering Department of Mechatronics Engineering Szabist University Szabist University Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan [email protected] [email protected]                  Abstract – In this paper we will bediscussing about the production of plastics through Injection Molding Processand other modern techniques  inindustries.

Injection molding has been challenging process to produce productmeeting requirement.  To determine theparameters for the manufacturing of plastics through injection  molding using experimental approach is nolonger good enough. Due to insufficient performance of machine the quality ofthe production may deviate during production. Determining optimal operationparameter would influence quality, cost production in plasticmanufacturing.  Previously the plasticmanufacturing was much slower, now plastic is manufactured through machiningprocess. Now CNC and  EDM machining isused which process the molds through optimal parameters.

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Part design, molddesign, machine performance and processing condition are the categories thateffect the quality of the molded part. Mechanical properties, dimensions ormeasurable characteristics, and attributes are quality characteristics ininjection molding machine. Other than this the cavities and mold design aredesigned  through CAM.

 This research emphasizes in designing  the process parameter to produce plasticsthrough injection molding.                                                                                                                                                                                KeyWords – Machining, Injection,Molding, Parameters.  I.  Introduction                Plasticare basically organic polymers of high molecular mass, are usually synthetic ,many are made from renewable materials. In many countries ,plastic is being intensely  used by thecustomers. In casing of an automobile plastic is used even in toys and casingof mobile.

In modern world the rapid growth in industries put thedemanding  requirements  in the innovative process of production ofplastics. To consume time the process to mold and cavities for plasticproduction has been revolutionized, modern techniques has been implemented formore production due to intense demand of the plastic all over the world. One ofthe such technologies is the Rapid Prototyping method, which enables both,designer and customer to see physical presentation . Manufacturing a plasticcomprises of stages from CAD design to simulation  to injection molding process throughinjection molding machine. Injection molding machine is used for manufacturingplastics through a process called injection molding process, in modern worldvery effective machineries is used for plastic manufacturing.

 II. Experimental ProcedureA.  DesigningDesigning a mold , cavity or a punch for the plastic product isthe essential part for the plastic manufacturers to let it through to injectionmolding machine process.  In industriesthere are intense demand for the reduction of manufacturing time .

To achieveoptimal outcomes with limited time different strategies are carried outthroughout the process. Through CAD the mold are designed which optimizes theoperation parameter for perfect dimensioning. Figure 1 show the 3D modeldesigned in CAD.

63% of surveyrespondents indicated they use CAD.   Figure 1    B. Machining(Numerical control)Computer numerical control (CNC)is the automation of machine tools by means of computers executingpre-programmed of machine control commands. In modern manufacturing the designof mold or mechanical part is highly automated manufacturers emphasize a lotupon CNC to reduce the consumption of time. CNC machining are integrated for the production parts.

Many large scale companies considered usage of CNCmuch effective and higher percentage uses it for manufacturing complicatedproducts. 93 percent engineering firms uses CNC machining. Twenty-six percent of the firms that used CNCmachining were using many of CNC machinery, and in many cases, multiplemachines of each type. CNC machining usesvariable axis to set perfect precision for the mold which is designed throughCAD/CAM. CNC reads out the coordinates through the software which takes muchless time indeed less labor consumed for it. Through this effective performanceof these autonomous process the production rate is much faster with respect totime.

Even small factories uses three axis machineries which somehow isoutdated despite of that they prefer it because other method used tomanufacture molds or cavities for plastic production is not precise andconsumes much time. The reason behind the usage of CNC is due to huge demand ofplastics all over world.   C.Computer Aided Manufacturing of the moldInthe plastic manufacturing industry there are even higher demands for thereduction of manufacturing time. In order to achieve the most favorablemanufacturing as regards reduction of manufacturing time and surface quality,some different milling strategies were carried out. More complex products orobjects can be now produced using CAD/CAM software, it has also reduced laborcost design phase.  These software cananimated any design which we made for operation and can also determine the timerequired to manufacture, this made the production much effective.       III.

  Literaturereview77% of responding business organization used digitized the technologiesin their operations. These organization uses, digitized technologies with CAD,CNC. Engineering business organization having 50 or more employees acquires  about, digitized technologies in theirmanufacturing operations. Between 2001 to 2006 those engineering firms thatexperienced income growth had acquired digitization technologies for themanufacturing complicated products, whereas organizations that had not acquireddigitization technologies experienced less income growth throughout a period ascompared to those who adopted digitization technologies. In modern world heftyamount of engineering organization are using CNC technology in wood work  ,metal work and most importantly plasticmanufacturing. 63 percent were using one or more CNC routers.

Organization thatimplemented CNC technology in their manufacturing found effective, below arethe statements that organizations experienced an effectiveness from CNC , (1)Acquiring  CNC machining  boosted up machining parameters and accuracy, (2) enhanced  to manufacture complex objects with lesstime, a (3) upgraded our manufacturing flexibility. Somehow some outdated CNCmachineries are being used by mane organization but despite of that theirproduction rates are must higher as they were using old job machineries before.CAD was used by 65 percent of engineering business organization. CAD was usedalmost as customarily in introductory concept development. Mutual statementsconcerning about CAD by different organizations: (1) Using CAD software hasshortened time required for design, (2) Using CAD software the designers candesign much complicated objects, and (3) Labor cost has been reduced using CADsoftware. Usage of digitization technologies by value-added plastic productsmanufacturers in many companies was recognized by to be an important componentfor competitive success.

About three quarters of these companies used one ormore types of digitized technologies with CAD, CNC. Benefit of digital technologieslike CNC and EDM (Electronic Discharge Machine) made feasible for manufacturedto manufacture hefty amount of complex objects. Large scale and mid-scaleorganization were more likely to have acquired digitized technologies thansmall scale organizations but now even small scale organization uses CNC andEDM but however they are outdated. Digital technologies, while more broadlyadopted by large scale firms, can be found in plastic manufacturing, andarchitectural millwork manufacturing facilities of all sizes. Injection moldingmachine used for fast production by many organizations even small scaleorganization. These digitized technologies provide a wide range of benefits tothe organization. IV. discussionAll key points like Rapid Prototyping, CAD/CAM tools and molddevelopment are presented.

This kind of knowledge enables the possibility todevelop a completely new product in a period of 6 months, from the idea to thestart of the production. This paper does not deal with the preparation ofproduction in the plant.  CAE toolsenables, except the design of molds and optimization process conditions,respectively, determination some injection molding process limits like minimalthickness of thinnest area of the product to achieve required quality of moldedpart. In simulation of injection molding process, it is possible to assess somecritical parameters some variables If these processes are conductedsimultaneously, the decrease of the development time of the mold down to lessthan 3 months is possible.      V.  ConclusionA.      Plastic demanding   product.B.

      Machining , a must fasterway for the production of plasticC.      CAD/CAM for designing andgiving dimension or coordinate to a particular design for high precision.D.      CNC machining takescoordinate which are set by software and makes a desired shape of the mold.          VI.

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