Modern and politicians were the same. Officers

Modern Day Policing and Society:

Where are We Headed?

By: MichaelLynn White
CRJ 100
Professor Karina Arzumanova
October 15, 2018

Political Era
The political era came into play by police officers seeking a trustworthy relationship with the community and politics influenced the police department and police practices. During this time, they had limited skill, so they had to walk around communicating with people. This era was influenced by Sir Robert Peele, the father of modern policing, which was started in London in 1829. He proposed appointing civilians to be paid by the community to serve as police officers. Police represented politicians in the neighborhoods that they patrolled. Politicians ran small departments. This meant the mission of both police and politicians were the same. Officers were selected for their political service and the police officer owed his allegiance to the ward boss and police captain who chose him. New officers were sent on patrol with no training. A police officer in that time considered a decent job but had poor security due to political turnover. 1.
Since the radio car style, they used a “call box” to report to the station. The pros of this era were that people had good relations with the police. The cons were that the police were corrupt and racist. They only tend to protect the people that paid them. The outcome of this era was citizen and political satisfaction. This ended, and paved the way for the next era, which was the professional/reform era.
Professional/Reform Era
The professional/reform era (1930-1980) was distinguished to enhance the police services. They brought in professionals to do policing; fighting crimes and arresting people. This was also known as the progressive era. The community relation with the police was going down. The civil service system ended. Police were then law enforcement. This era brought in different academic institutions for officers to learn more. Different management concepts were formed for police to train. The radio car was introduced to officers and police were taken off their feet and into cars. All cars had radios which represented mobility, power, and distance from the public. By then police had gained a status quo “us vs. them.”2.
Issues Facing Law Enforcement
The rate has grown extremely high in criminal prosecution for officers whose actions result in injury or death. It is so hard to really tell if there has been a need for prosecution or is it not in the will politically. This scrutiny is now normal in today’s society. Little can be done to prepare for such situations other than to make sure the var or police organizations. The most common activities that involves criminal prosecution in reference to police are armed confrontations. Proper training is what is needed in these critical areas. 3.
Future of Law Enforcement in the Next 5 Years
I think in the years to come police needs to be more effective at fighting crime. Officers need to be more discerning about the types of crimes they choose to focus on, and more responsive to the people they are sworn to protect. Social media will help with investigations, either by trolling for clues or soliciting tips from the public. Eyes in the sky, as the new calls them. They can be put in different areas of the city where crime is extremely at an all time high. I think they should even detect different things like gunshot detection. Hopefully, the camera will be able to up to date itself. Hopefully, it would be more enough in catching horrible criminals that does horrific things to people. I can’t forget about the body cameras. Maybe they can be used to capture more when officers are faced in difficult situations. It is said that body cameras help reduces police use of force.
The Role of the Public in Cooperation with Police
The public versus the police would be so hard now today. The public does not trust the police and vice versa. Citizens of the world today sometimes doesn’t know which way to lean because it has been so many officers involved crime where the police were wrong and never gotten charged. On the other hand, the police do not trust citizens because they as well are still human and sometimes know that they are the targets. They are scared, and every day they must risk themselves going out into this corrupt world and save the day, protect law abiding citizens, while also protecting themselves. I do think we all need to come together as one because after all that is what it will take to make this world great.


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