MODELLING mathematical models technical decision making innovative applications,

MODELLING AND SIMULATIONModelling is about building representations of things inreal world.

Modeling obtain a set of equations that describes the behavior ofthe system. Models are means of understanding the problem involved inbuilding something. They are classified into three, physical mathematical andprocess models. Physical models looks and feels like the real thing for examplestatues. Mathematical uses mathematical symbols and relationships to describesomething. And lastly the process model which involves steps to be followed forsomething to be done, for instance a flow chart. Simulation can bedefined as the production of a computer model of something, especially thepurpose of study.

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Simulation uses the mathematical model to determine theresponse of the system in different situations. Like modelling, simulation iscategorized into three types namely virtual, live and constructive. Livesimulations involves real people operating real systems for example practicingbaseball while virtual simulation is where simulated systems are operated myreal people then finally simulated people operates simulated systems under theconstructive simulation.

Live, virtual and constructive simulations helpsindividuals to become great decision makers because they learn how to handlesituations. Simulations also allows models to be tested before put intoconstruction.Then modelling and simulation involves the use of models asa basis of simulations to develop data as a basis for managerial or technicaldecision making. Also seen as the way of appreciating the world around usthrough creativity and imagination. This can facilitate understanding asystem’s behavior without actually testing the system in real world.

HISTORY OF MODELLING AND SIMULATIONThis module was designed to promote awareness to studentsabout how technology has improved over the years. This includes mathematicalmodels technical decision making innovative applications, simply appreciatinghow far they have been useful to representation of things in real world.  This course was made to provide a powerfulplatform on how to familiarize ourselves with modelling abilities so as toassess the dynamic behavior of real systems which involves verifying andsolving the model including construction and modelling formalism among others. Thestudents also appreciate the fact that the modelling and simulation module doesnot require any prerequisite which means anyone can learn it. IMPORTANCE OF SIMULATION AND MODELLING One importance of simulation is its ability to display apractical feedback. As mentioned earlier, simulation help designers to measurehow correct the model is before it is develop hence taking into considerationthe medical field where the drug need to be tested by machines before it ismade ready for use.

Simulation is used as a means of minimizing costs becauseit is preferred to conduct experiments that are said to be impossible and veryexpensive in real life. Modern systems such as high technology factories are toocomplex that the interactions can be treated only by simulation. It offersopportunities for firsthand experiments because learners explore what theylearnt in class and they tend to realize the relationship of mathematicalequations. In cases of mathematical simulations, it becomes clearer tolearners to understand the methods behind every concepts making it easier forthem to prosper academically. This means if simulation can be taught at earlierage there will be smarter problem solvers who will beat the latest technologiesmoreover discovering their potentials in this industry.It is very easy to identify constraints on a simulated modelwhich means they can be solved before the construction of a physical model.

This can also apply in the aircraft industry where a fault in a newly inventedaero-plane can be identified before its construction. This also save lives, ingeneral, simulation save livesWhen dealing with simulated systems it is easy to upgrade itinto a better and more efficient product. Taking cars into consideration forexample, when a BMW want to produce better car, the don’t start afresh, theyjust edit the simulated system, doing little touches, adding few qualitiescorresponding to what they want to have at the end which a faster, less fuelconsuming car.Even though simulation is used for many systems, there are cases where it isnot appropriate to use simulation for instance, if the problem can be solvedanalytically or when it is easier to perform direct experiments. APPLICATIONS OGF MODELLING AND SIMULATIONDesigning an automobile, the knowledge of simulation help indesigning a perfect aircraft that can withstand all the conditions like hash weatherand crashes.

This is implemented through testing of a simulated system beforethe actual model is created hence saving money because there will be no crashes.Military application is one of the crucial fields of applicationof simulation. Different powerful and more dangerous weapons are createdtherefore before they are brought to production they go through analysis in thesimulated systems. How these weapons affect the environment can be minimized hencethe production of powerful but more environmentally friendly weapons.One of the most important application of simulation is underweather forecast. All the machines used to predict the weather where hightemperatures are simulated using powerful computers.

If the model is correct,then it can be used to tell future weather for up to the maximum of weeks ifnot months.Another application is for civil engineers, during theconstructions of big buildings and bridges. There is no need for an engineer toactually build a bridge or a building to check if it can withstand hashconditions.

A computer model is built before, to test through hash weather thenif a problem occurs, the model is corrected appropriately. 


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