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Model Scenario
Mastery of Learning insures that the student is knowledgable of the subject area and not just giving just enough information to seem like they know what they are talking about. A lot of students can hit the high notes of a subject and seem as if they are knowledgeable, but in actuality they are just repeating facts like a parrot. Giving a pre and post test and allowing the students to receive different techniques in learning shows the constructivist approach. It allows the students to hint on prior knowledge, gain knowledge from experience with their groups and show growth during the post test. Students love group work and experiencing what helps themselves and their classmates. Once a student knows they’ve mastered a subject, confidence will grow within them that they can master anything. Once they see the new knowledge applied to a subject and they become successful, they will want to conquer another. Also, seeing how far they have come from pre to post test will also show them learning/mastery can occur. For the students whom don’t need as much to master, they see how much help they can give to the class and want to better themselves at other subjects to be helpful their as well. Winning is contagious, and that applies to education just as much as it applies to sports.
Lesson Plan Template
Name: Timothy Poole
Subject/Specific Content: Grade/Level (s): 9-12 Resource/Special Ed
Length of Lesson: 3 Blocks/270 MinsInstructional Objective (s): Students will master Math Objectives (Geometric Properties) given by the regular education teacher and reinforced by the resource teacher by scoring 90% or above on assessments.

State Content Standard / Benchmark / Grade Level Expectations: State/Federal math standards include the knowledge of geometric shapes and properties pertaining to them. This lesson will insure the mastery of these properties so that the student will be successful in the following lessons that use these properties as a foundation. A pre and post test will be given to assess deficiencies and provide improvement.
Materials/Resources: Diagrams, visual aids, promethean board, handouts, Study Guides, flash cards
Model of Teaching: Mastery of Learning
Procedures: Within my resource class the students have individual goals they must reach each year along with maintaining passing grades to receive carnegie units in order to graduate. At the beginning and end of each year the students are given an assessment to see what grade level they are on. That way we know what skills to work on to improve that grade level. The same will go for this lesson. The students will be tested on their knowledge of Geometric Properties. This way I will know exactly what to teach and reinforce. After I get where they are weakest, the children whom have a better handle on things will be my peer tutors. They will serve as the leaders of each table. I will then provide study guides (written definitions), visual aids (color aided), computer learning games and diagrams(Labeled/colored) to insure that I have addressed every angle possible to help them learn. The will be quizzed by their table leaders and then shown what they got right, what was wrong and why. Being able to see the diagrams will give them a visual aid to remember their shapes. Playing the computer games will allow them to have fun along with being able to memorize the shapes and properties. The next step in learning the properties will be flash cards. Each student will quiz each other in order to make sure each one of them is successful. Each one of the tables will start on a different technique so they are all exposed to each one. After 2 days of learning techniques, I will assess them on the new skills prior to them being tested in the regular ed classroom so that I will have time to make any adjustments needed. Once they have it mastered in my classroom, they are able to take the test of the regular ed teacher. Having mastered the foundation skills, they will be able to build upon them each time. The great thing is, they will have all of their visual aids and notes to have to look back on in the future. Students with confidence are more able to do well on test. Being prepared gives these students the confidence to be successful. Just knowing they can master something lets them know that they can do anything!
Closure: The students will be given a pre and post test to see where they are weak and if they have mastered the skill. The students know with Mastery, that they actually know the skill and not just repeating information. Being able to apply the skill is mastery, not just regurgitating information to be finished. The post test is not the end all, it just lets the student and teacher know if they mastered the skill or if they need some more practice on an aspect or two. Being in a resource class allows the student more freedom to learn and be exposed to different learning techniques that fits their disability. Once they master it in resource, they must master the general education test. The good thing is, they are able to take the test within the resource class to take away any anxiety and feel comfortable with their surroundings.
Assessment: The pre and post test along with the results of each of their grouped learning techniques will give indication of mastery. If a student learns better in one group than another they will be able to stay within that group. The general education test along with the Special Ed Assessments allow for justification of mastery. They may also use Map Testing to show mastery and improvement along the way.

Instructional Modifications: All of my students are Learning Disabled and I have to modify every assignment. They have visual aides, diagrams, graphic organizers and oral accommodations to make sure their learning environment is least restrictive. I supply learning activities to fit each need to insure maximum learning.

Technology: The computer is good for learning games, MAPS testing and other software. The promethean board allows the students to view visual aids as well as modify and change the shapes to show different properties.
Post-Lesson Reflection: This lesson goes hand in hand with the lessons I do every day because it essentially knocks two birds out with one stone. I am able to assess their IEP goals along with insuring Mastery of Skills so that the foundation of learning is there. These lessons allow each student the freedom of picking their own learning style and technique and allows them to have a choice. There are no challenges to this lesson because my students are use to doing this daily. They love the fact that they are not tied to one learning style and that they have the freedom to use technology and resources that they wouldn’t be exposed to in the regular classroom. My classroom is a safe haven for them and they enjoy the comfort of knowledge the resource class gives them.


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