Mobile rural and the urban areas. The mobile

        Mobile Technology has become necessity to both the rural and the urbanareas. The mobile technology started as a remarkable achievement in the worldof technology but now, it is transforming into user comfort technology due toits present diverse functionality. When the mobile was first introduced, itused to be basically for SMS, Calls and games.

But it has presently transformedinto a digital world and has made life and business much easier; marketers nowhave the ability to sell their products with ease through mobiles technology.The diversity of mobile technology is due to the fact that that many mobileoperating systems are available for smart phones all of which have their ownunique characteristics. The evolvement of mobile technology has made our lifeeasier and also saves us time and resources. Future trending of mobile applications:           Medical Diagnosis:      Theusability of medical apps is getting to the point where entire tests that youonce had to go to your doctor to do can now be done right through yoursmartphone. Simple attachments are usually all that it takes to superchargeyour phone into a portable laboratory of sorts.

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This can help save lives, as some blood testscenter around life-and-death matters. Think about cases involving possiblyfatal viruses like HIV, as well as routine checks for monitoring one’s bloodsugar. According to reports,these ingenious and convenient smartphone attachments won’t be any larger thana card reader, further adding great value to the patient’s UX.Possibly fatal diseases aren’t the only thingsthat these smartphone attachments are good for. Apps already empower patients to email their doctors the results of their electrocardiograms, saving a lot of time and work—in the future, even more complicated tests will be run and completed on apps Lots of apps are actually designed for physicians themselves, including drug and disease databases and high-class monitoring devices, making their jobs easier Some doctors already credit these apps for being time-savers, speeding up the process of diagnosis, and limiting unnecessary doctor and hospital visits to cut down on taxing resources  Surveys show that patients want more empowerment from these apps, but some doctors are still slow or even resistant to coming along with the change.    Speech-to-Speech Translation:Communicating with the World Through a Fingertip   This will allow natural language processing features to be built into apps.

This will allow the translation of any important narration can be converted tothe specific language without mediator or translator.Safety through Biometric Password.    This type of application will allow the userto capture the retinal image of the eye. It can be used as a password tolock/unlock the door to secure home/office or some personal belongings. Thistype of protection can be used in other fields also in the future.

 On-Demand Apps for low skilled person:  They have introduced apps for almost anything- from laundry to salon andcourier to food delivery. Owing to the major chunk of smartphone users, ondemand service providers have targeted service apps to meet a wide array ofrequirements. That’s an important reason why businesses from different nichewant to create an on demand app.To rule the market, new-age startupreneurshave to make a clear deal between consumer and service provider.

It can be aplumbing service, flower boutique, or a cleaning business, you can only boostyour revenues when your customers are ‘satisfied’.   Plumber/Electricians:       There are a lot of outstanding tools out there for electricians availablein the electrician apps for Android and iOS. But we don’t have much on thelocating electrician/plumber in the nearby areas. When trends demand forplumber/electrician, the consumer has to see the nearest electrician and hisfeedback rating given by other consumers.

In this way customer service will besatisfied and more revenue can be generated.  Be able to reach more customers Provide various services on time thus gaining customer loyalty Be able to hire electricians according to the demand, in case you’re a business


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