Mirza, the IoT devices and applications cannot manage

Mirza, Muhammad, Sajid & Saleem (2017) stated that IoT plays an important role in human daily life and also involved in business, healthcare, retail and transportation nowadays. Based on the assessment from IDC, the internet connected devices will increase till 30 billion by 2020. Most of the IoT devices and applications cannot manage and overcome the security and privacy attacks targeted by hackers and intruders.Access control, client privacy, data authentication and resilience to attacks are the top important requirement capabilities on the secure network. E2E Data life cycle protection, secure thing planning and visible security and privacy are the examples of IoT security threats. For instance, a smart home may face the possible security threats are DoS/DDoS, falsification, monitoring and personal information leakage and trespass.

Data privacy, data security, insurance concerns, lack of common standard, technical concerns, security attacks and system vulnerabilities (such as system, application and network security) are the top significant security challenges faced by IoT. There are two main types of attacks faced by IoT which are active and passive attacks. These may lead to a negative impact on the performance of the IoT services. Types of different levels of attacks are classified into low, medium, high, extremely high-level attack.Normally, some of the prevention should be taken by devices users which avoid using default passwords and disable the unused features. Users should apply anonymous data transmission, identity based authentication protocols and symmetric encryption. Read through the security requirements, turn on the firewall and update the latest antivirus software are also the solutions for security attacks.

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Moreover, the improvement on the efficiency and effectiveness of security and privacy protocols in IoT devices and applications should be encouraged.In short, this research showed IoT has many security problems especially on the security attacks and some solutions to overcome. So, installation of security mechanism in IoT devices and applications are necessary and important. This may able to reduce the number of security attacks on IoT devices.  


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