Military transformed to a military person. This

Militaryservice is one of the most challenging and yet most selfless career that youcan one can ever be involved in. In the military your character is shaped rightfrom the very first day of training up to your retirement.Duringtraining, a civilian has to be transformed to a military person.

This is donethrough physical and mental training. These tasks are not very easy since theabove mentioned objective has to be achieved. The first day you are familiarisedwith your drill instructor, what follows next is an intense training regime thattakes a couple of weeks. Here you are trained on basic survival and tacticalskills such as shooting and marksmanship, rappelling and military parades. Oneis also taught the basic customs and culture of the military.Whatfollows is the field exercise. These exercise teach the soldier the essentialsof team work and how it helps in survival while in the field.

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The continuedweapons training also helps the individual to gain confidence as a soldier. Thenext stage is known as Advanced Individual Training (AIT).  This is where a recruit is trained on theremainder of the basic training and also he has to specialize in a specificfield. As a soldier you receive hands on training so that you can deliverduring deployment.

Deployment means to move the militaryfrom a home installation such as the barracks to another location for thepurposes of discharging military duties.  Several steps are followed here. These include; Pre-deployment phase.

When not deployed, soldiers and their divisions undertake trainingto prepare for the military duties. During this stage, they go through normal drillsand medical assessments that uphold their individual and unit readiness level.From the family point of view, this phase is normal as the soldier is at homeand going to work on a consistent basis.

Close to the end of this phase, the divisionwill be informed of a possible deployment and will receive orders to assemble.Upon the orders, preparation for deployment begins, including requiredbriefings, additional training, medical and dental evaluations, and possibly therapyto ensure that service members are ready and able to be deployed. This phaseconcludes when soldiers or their units physically leave.Deployment phase.This stage begins with the physical movement of the soldiers and their unitsfrom their home to the designated area of tasks.

This phase can be a stressfultime for them and their kin as they face what that means for them. The rest ofthe phase largely involves the performance of military duties. Post-deployment phase. Soldiers return to their homes, and prepare to go backinto usual life, with different branches of service offering additional updates,training, physical and mental evaluations, and counselling to assist.  Reintegration phase.This stage comprises restoration into family life and the community, as well asreintegration into military duties. Units may require soldiers to complete briefings,training, counselling, and medical evaluations during this stage. However they(together with their family) may experience some tension during this phase, as everybodyreadjusts to life together.

On the brighter side, many support services areavailable for service members and their families to make this readjustmenteasier.  


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