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POLSCI 111Gerard ChretienIntroduction to American GovernmentMay 15, 2001MILITARY DEFENSE POLICYDear Mr. President,As a proud American and veteran of our great armed forces, I strongly advocate that you initiate a new policy regarding the maintenance and strategic welfare of our nations forces.

The current conditions of our military are not in sync with the needs of the 21st century challenges and objectives. There is numerous issues that need to be addressed such as: new weapon development, increase in pay, consolidation of various programs, review of oversea deployment policy and so forth.Currently you are aware that your predecessor (malignant Bill Clinton) and his administration have not developed any policy to upgrade our forces during his presidential tenure.

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Having served in the military, I can say from personal experience, that our forces need a desperate infusion of new weapons and strategic programs that would do away with inefficient and obsolete ones. Our men and women, who wear their proud uniform, represent one of Americas most treasured assets, thus their needs must be held to a high standard.During the Clinton era, for that matter, since the end of the Reagan era, defense spending has been systematically reduced across the board (omitting the Gulf War). This type of reduction leaves our armed forces inadequately supplied with resources to combat issues that affect the U.

S. domestically and abroad. The current status must be overhauled and restructured.You may feel that as a result of the Cold-War ending and the majority of America feeling the need to expand our military is not necessary, I urge you not to ride the same track of thought. Having rogue states still capable in constructing weapons of mass destruction (e.

g. Iraq) and host of other states that despise our way of life, its imperative, now more than ever, that we stay militarily capable and ready to defend Americas interest.Now there is many who believe that the United States should down grade military production because of several factors.

First, the United States is the remaining super-power in the world, a threat from an antagonistic country like North Korea or Iraq seems ridiculous and very remote. Secondly we have the worlds most productive economy, allowing us to build and purchase anything that fits our interest. Last and most importantly we have and sustain the most dangerous armed forces known to man. Such factors leads us to believe that military spending is futile in age of peace time and further more, Americas most dangerous rival (Soviet Union) is no longer a threat, but a cooperative diplomatic engaging state. Many Americans also feel that any additional spending on military arsenal can and should be directed toward other vital programs that affect our daily lives such as: health care, education, job-training, small-business development, just to name a few.These points and others are valid, but it cannot blindfold us to the reality that war can occur any time. Not being ready and capable would be detrimental to way of life and hinder our society, as a whole, to prosper into the future.

I strongly advice you to adhere to my perspective, so you can assure Americas growth and security well into the new millennium.Semper FidelisSecond Lieutenant Gerard Chretien, U.S.


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