Milaha the result of the segment report

Milaha is one of the main broadened oceanic and logistic cooperation
 in the Middle East which concentrate on
providing coordinates ship and source chain solution Mission is to
focus on the quality and the safety to their customer on their reliable consist

Qatar navigation company  apply
IFRS 8 which is basically about accumulation of operating segment to disclose the
data that is related to the service and product , major customer and geographical
region also internal report moreover the total of all assets segment that have
been reported should reconciled. Segment reporting there are several of business
activity that involved by group of component which the outcome will be either having
revenue or expenses, and these revenue and expenses are linked to any other
groups operation. Consequently  the
result  of the segment report  will be review by groups highest manger such
as chef of the operating decision making to take decision about the performance
which is basically based on operating loss and  profit in the constellated finical statement and
the capitals assigned to each segment. Qatar navigation stated their segment based
on operating segment and geographic areas:

Operating segment:

In general they have 6 operating segment which milaha capital,
milaha maritime and logistic, milaha offshore, milaha trading, milaha gas and petrochemical
and milaha corporate.

Each of these segments provides certain of service.  Milaha Capital service is to give advice or suggest
to the parent and there subsidiaries about the finance of corporate, moreover they
organize and manage their actual investment and there portfolio of financial.  Milaha Maritime & Logistics supplies offer
huge services to leading distributors, freight corporations in the state and
exports oil and gas. Milaha Offshore offer service to the gas and oil manufacturing
industry within the area. Recently they are working on 27 sop service off shore,
which include backup safety and, staff vessels. Also they offer diving services
.Milaha trading thy offer there product if the sales service done first. Example
of the product that they are providing in trading is heavyweight equipment, trucks
and technology. Milaha Gas and Petrochem are responsibly to operate and control
the navy of LPG and they offer a shipping ocean service foe the industry cooperation
and the universal energy. Milaha Corporate offer a service to run their individual
business. These service include business growth, finance, auditing locally,
authorized issue and technology  

Geographic areas:

Their geographical area they have two segment out if the region
which is UAE and Germany

The result shows that there is no different between years 2015 and
2016. Both years have the same number of segment. Furthermore in the annual
report of the Qatar navigation company (milaha) did not mentioned anything that
are related to the enterprise wide disclose on their operating segment, also they
are not stated about major customer if they are provided discloser or not.


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