Migration this in his mind, we moved

MigrationThinking back to my childhood, I can recall that my family moved quite frequently from place to place. Since my birth, my family has moved a total of seven times and that was only in the first six years of my life. As an ignorant child, the constant moving around did not question me to think why we moved so much. I never stopped to think that my family could have been in a troubled situation.When I now ask my father the reasons why we moved so often back then, he tells me that he was in search for a better standard of living. He mentioned that we were never forced to move because of a financial situation, but instead he wanted to find a more rewarding occupation to live more elegantly. He wanted to find a place with a good education system for his children and also wanted to live in a warm climate not too distant from the beach. With these three pull factors we moved many times during my childhood and the end result of our migration has played a positive role in my life.

My parents and I lived in the over-populated city of Chicago when I was born. My father wanted to relocate in a place that was not over populated. So with this in his mind, we moved in the south direction to Kansas. He got what he wanted in the terms of a smaller population setting. But he was still dissatisfied with the cold weather.

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The disappointing business experience and cold weather was a push factor to move on and find a better place to live. After Kansas we moved to Ohio because were persuaded by some relatives that we knew that lived there, but again he was not successful with business there either. In search for a better occupation, my father would look in the classified section of the newspaper every afternoon in search of eye-catching businesses. After he would find a few that he was interested in, he would call them up and arrange to take a look at the businesses. In particular, my father saw an advertisement for a Days Inn in Atlanta, Georgia. A pull factor that encouraged my father to move to Georgia was because of the wonderful hot weather. He was attracted to the fact that the beach setting was not very far. The business turned out to be a success and we ended up settling in this state.

My father also wanted to live in a place where there was a good system of education for his children. Another pull factor that Georgia has is a great school system, so that was another motive to stay. The migration to Georgia from the North has made a great effect to my life. I got the opportunity to get a great education and now Im here at the University of Georgia. My parents are now well off with their successful business and my father is very delighted with the wonderful weather. He takes trips to the beach whenever he gets the urge and enjoys the warm climate. Migration to the South has had a successful result for my family. If my father did not take a risk in the past to move to different locations, our standard of living might not be this wonderful.

I am glad that I ended up in a great community where education is important and this is a possible place where I might raise my future family. Words/ Pages : 584 / 24


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