Middle concepts of respective theorists.Concepts of Hildegard

Middle Range Nursing TheoryThe holistic definition of the nursing theory is aligned to the creative and rigorous structuring of ideas with the view of achieving a systematic solution of an occurrence. In this perspective, middle range nursing theories outline narrower nursing propositions, strategies, and concepts that offer a theory-based approach in nursing practice (Alligood & Martha 2).

Two of the most significant middle range theorists that I will consider for the purposes of my theory project are Hildegard Peplau and Jean Watson for their theories that relate to interpersonal relations and human caring respectively. Further, my theory project will conceptualize the theoretical work of Murray Bowen for the increasingly significant theory of family systems. The basic rationale for considering these theorists is based on the understanding that, the ultimate aim of respective theories is compounded in their ability to expand the discipline and science of nursing (Alligood & Martha 6). The following section outlines the major concepts of respective theorists.

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Concepts of Hildegard Peplau’s Theory• Peplau conceptualizes nursing as an interpersonal process between a patient and a nurse i.e. the basic understanding to recognize and respond to the health needs of a particular patient.• Peplau identifies four increasingly significant phases of the nurse-patient interaction. These phases are (1) orientation: where the patient identifies his/her health problems and the nurse attempts to identify the amount of nursing intervention that is required by the patient.

(2) Identification: the patient becomes responsive to the professionals including significant others who can meet the identified health problems. Consequently, the nurse and the patient outline an appropriate program that can foster the health of the patient. (3) Exploitation; the patient makes use of the available resources to achieve maximum health. (4) Resolution; the patient meets the required health needs and the relationship is terminated(Peplau, Joyce , 15).   Concepts of Jean Watson’s Theory• Emphasizes on nursing as an application of art and human science through transpersonal caring.

• The theory assists an individual patient in achieving the harmony of mind and soul.• This harmony generates important aspects such as self-healing, control, knowledge, and care.• Further, the theory considers health promotion as part of the intervention in patient care (Lee, Susan, Patrick & Jean, 4)Concepts of Bowen’s Theory• Bowen basis the systems of family on both psychiatric and empirical studies.• The core source of human emotional experience is constituted in the family unit.

• The extent of differentiation evaluates a person’s ability to manage his/her thinking, emotion, individuality, and interpersonal relationships.Application of Bowen’s Systems of Family in Nursing PracticeHealth promotion, especially preventive care, is increasingly important for vulnerable families in minority ethnic groups who economically deprived and lack basic necessities. More so, this population category lack access to safe, quality, equitable, and timely patient-centered care. The conceptualization of family-centered factors such lack of finances to affordable health insurance, family’s perception of barriers and benefits of engaging in health promotion practices provides an important aspect of nursing health assessment for such families.

When working with vulnerable families, recommendations on screening and health promotion behaviors can be constituted to align with respective family’s cultural beliefs and values, access to health support systems, and finances (Alligood & Martha 18).


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