Microsoft’s Mail users who use the app

Microsoft’s decision to discontinue DeltaSync protocol as the synchronisation protocol might become a headache for some of the Windows Live Mail users who use the app to sync their Microsoft email accounts. No, No, Microsoft won’t be discontinuing any of the services, but only upgrade it to Exchange ActiveSync synchronisation protocol.

This would result in Windows Live Mail stop syncing your emails account and showing an error message. If you are already facing the problem with Windows Live Mail syncing problem, here is how to fix it. The problem can be spotted with the users who were using Windows Live Mail desktop email client to access their Hotmail, Outlook, Windows Live and MSN accounts without any problem until all of a sudden Windows Live Mail stops working and you are unable to sync your emails anymore. When the error occurs, a Windows Live Mail dialogue box will appear showing an error message:”Some error occurred while processing the requested tasks.Please review the list of error below for more details”. Under the Errors tab, you will see an error ” Unable to send or receive messages for the Hotmail youremailId account. Error code/ID: 0x8008488E7?. If you are not facing the problem now, you will be having this problem sooner or later as Microsoft will be upgrading all the Microsoft accounts to support the Exchange ActiveSync synchronization protocol.

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If you are thinking why Microsoft did not release the support for EAS directly through the Windows Live Mail program, then you are not wrong. Microsoft did try to release an update for Windows Live Mail to support EAS, but things did not go as per planned and the update caused problems to the Windows Live Mail users. For this reason, Microsoft will now be directly upgrading all the Microsoft accounts to support Exchange ActiveSync protocol. As a result, Windows Live Mail will stop syncing emails to your Hotmail or other Microsoft accounts.

 Fix: Add POP3/IMAP Protocol in Windows Live MailTo fix Windows Live Mail syncing problem with Hotmail, Live, Outlook and other Microsoft email accounts you should add your Microsoft account using POP3 or IMAP protocol in Windows Live Mail. For this, you need to remove existing Microsoft account from Windows Live Mail program and re-add it with POP3 or even IMAP protocols. Below are the steps showing how to add Microsoft account with POP3/IMAP protocol in Windows Live Mail. Open Windows Live Mail and click on Accounts tab.

 Next, click Email button under Accounts tab.A Windows Live Mail Add your email accounts dialogue box will pop-up. Here fill the required fields with your Microsoft account email address, password (check remember this password button if you don’t want the hassle of entering password next time) and display name.At the bottom check “Manually configure server settings” option. Click Next to proceed.

Next, you can see options for Configure server settings. Select the settings as listed below:Note: Select any one of the protocols below. POP3 Protocol Settings box title=”” Incoming server informationServer Type: POP3Server Address: pop-Mail.Outlook.

com (Port:  995)Logon User Name: Your Windows Live ID ( Microsoft account email ID) Outgoing Server Information Server Address: (port 25).Requires a secure connection SSL (Yes/Check)Requires Authentication (Yes/Check)/boxIMAP Protocol Settings  box title=”” Incoming server informationServer Type: IMAPServer Address: (Port:  993)Logon User Name: Your Windows Live ID ( Microsoft account email ID) Outgoing Server Information Server Address: (port 25).

Requires a secure connection SSL (Yes/Check)Requires Authentication (Yes/Check)/box Once done entering all the details, click on Next button and it will successfully add your email account using the selected protocol. Now try using Windows Live Mail to sync your email account and see if the Windows Live Mail syncing problem has been resolved. Alternatively, you can also use official Mail app if you are on Windows 10 or Windows 8/8.1. The Mail app seems to work perfectly fine without any problem. 


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