Microservices are much satisfied with the outcome and

Microservices Impact on I.T. WorldIn the era of digital transformation where enterprise level applications are growing larger and complex, a traditional way of monolithic approach is getting challenging around software development circles and for obvious reasons “Microservices architecture” is the latest buzzwords in the industry.What exactly is a microservice architecture?According to Martin Fowler, an industry thought leader who has contributed extensively on this topic “MicroServices architecture allows developers to build sets of self-sufficient or deployable independent services which are organized around business capabilities.” Fundamental idea about implementing this architecture is to isolate software functionality into smaller multiple individual units which will work together seamlessly. These units will communicate with each other through universally accessible application programming interface (APIs) to perform its own discrete functionHow Microservices are beneficial for businesses?According to recent survey by leanIX, Businesses that are adapting to this architecture are able to get new software to the market five times faster than those who don’t. They are much satisfied with the outcome and 71% of them are willing to increase use of microservices in upcoming year.

Some top benefits organizations realized from deploying microservices are:• Improved scalability: as adding new capabilities does not mean rebuilding the entire application. It usually means updating or adding discrete new microservices which improves development speed and scalability• Better responsibility separation: this is a key part of microservices as one of units fails, others will continue to work• Simplified debugging and maintenance: Since it is easier to monitor individual unit developer teams can be much more productive while performing a debugging or application maintenance • Better understanding of user experience: It is easy to achieve better understanding of user perspective and establish microservices aligned with business• Future ready application: when innovations occurs in new or updated technologies, microservices allows to respond by replacement of upgradation of services that are affected.Does Microservices comes with drawbacks?Nothing is perfect and microservices too has their own cost • Microservices can be complex: even if it is easier to understand and manage individual modules, more component will have more interconnections and application may end up being complex• Requires careful planning: It could be challenging for developers and architects to breakdown functionality and dependencies and carefully mapping them outIn conclusion while monolithic architecture is a better suit for developing simple applications, microservices architecture clearly is a better choice for complex and evolving applications.

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