Michael has ever achieved a high level

 Michael Jackson inspired the world with his music, also with the way he dressed, he changed millions of lives with his attitude. Michael Jackson has change the pop chart because no African American artist has ever achieved a high level of success like him. Also he change the way people view music and clothes. Michael Jackson change society by his music, some of his music was to inspired humans to do something about the world. He also help a lot of people, but some of the things he did didn’t make it to the headlines. Michael Joseph Jackson was born on August 29, 1958 in Gary, Indiana. His family was one of the most famous family in entertainment. His mom was a homemaker, and his dad was a guitarist.

He was the seventh sibling out of nine children. Jackson was known as the “King of Pop.” He was the best- selling African American singer, songwriter, and dancer. He went into a solo career and became the lead singer in Jackson 5.

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Michael Jackson married Lisa Marie Presley on May 26, 1994. She is the daughter of Elvis Presley. They got divorced on August 20, 1996. Later on married Debbie Rowe on November 14, 1996. Michael Jackson told her that he wanted to be a father, so Debbie offered to have his kids. On February 13, 1997 his son was born and was named Michael Joseph “Prince” Jackson Jr, months later his daughter was born on April 3, 1998, and named her Paris Jackson.

Months later Jackson divorce Debbie Rowe on October 8, 1999 and got full custody of his two kids. Jackson has a third son named Prince Michael “Blanket” Jackson II that was born on February 21, 2002 but his mom is unknown. Michael Jackson died on June 25, 2009, from cardiac disease due to the overuse of drugs at age fifty. They took him to the hospital right after his heart stopped and CPR failed. After his dead, the children were taken to their grandmother Katherine Jackson as their legal guardian.  On average, one fourth of people on the planet were not getting the necessary of nutrients to live a healthy life. World hunger still exist in countries like Burundi, Eritrea, Comoros, Timor Leste, Sudan, Chad, Yemen Republic, Ethiopia, Madagascar, and Zambia.

Children that are undernourished, and younger than five who are underweight are dying before the age five. Right now Yemen Republic are starving and right now they are in trouble because they don’t have food. They are fighting a Famine, this is why they are dying. Women who are suffering from hunger need their nutrients like iron, but they aren’t being able to get it that they die during childbirth from a hemorrhage every year. What Michael Jackson did to help world hunger was when he wrote the song “We Are The World” with Lionel Richie and performed it as part of an all-star single to raise money for Africa. He also helped with the AIDS Project in Los Angeles, American Cancer Society, End Hunger Network, and Make-A-Wish Foundation. End Hunger Network is a nonprofit organization that encourage and support programs so they can end childhood hunger.

Even though Michael Jackson has past gone, he still greatly influences the world today. He does this by becoming an inspiration for his “Heal the World Foundation,” an organization designed to improve the lives of children with children being the ones to teach and help others. Michael Jackson song ‘Man in the Mirror’ is a reflective song  about wanting to change the world but first by changing yourself. He also change the way fashion was because by looking at Michael Jackson’s wardrobe, his suits that were glittery and the uniforms that looked like those of the armed forces. These ensured matching with the single white glove that he wore that turned out to be his signature. Michael Jackson as well build up a “signature dance move” which was the “Moonwalk” (Anonymous, Michael Jackson: Pop musician, Para 1).Michael Jackson, was already changing the way music was created when most professional artists were still in grade school.

He was already changing the course of music. He was at a stage of life when most people were just starting to make their mark on the world. Michael Jackson was an inspiration to people by the way he dressed, influencing fashion in his time. Also he made music that motivated people to stand up for themselves and for what’s right. He donated the use of his song ‘Beat It’ to a national advertising campaign against drinking while driving.

“Michael Jackson was one of the first artists to arrive at the ‘A&M Lion Share Studios’ for the historic recording which brought dozens of nationally artists together in hope to  reduce the hunger in Africa in 1985” (Michael Jackson’s Legacy). Michael Jackson also impacted our society by supporting the efforts of the NAACP, (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People)  to fight the prejudice against black artists in 1987. He also visited children’s hospitals. “At a press conference in London, Jackson made an announcement about his “Heal The World Foundation.” The ‘Heal The World Foundation’ was founded by Michael Jackson in 1992 as a charitable organization which helped the children and the environment” (Michael Jackson Legacy).  The goal of his organization was to provide medicine for children. This organization’s goal was to fight the world’s hunger, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, and child abuse.

Today it’s less than half of that because we have more celebrities trying to help those in need of food. Here are some examples of the celebrities that are helping, Bono launched the “F word campaign” with his other organizations to fight famine in Africa. Jeff Bridges is another example because he is the spokesman for the No Kid Hungry Campaign. He wants to end the hunger in kids that are in America. 50 Cent is using his energy to help fight hunger by giving one million meals to children in need. Christina Aguilar has been on missions to Rwanda and Guatemala, after she was inspired by her mission trips she went on.

She raised 148 billion dollars for the “World Food Programmed”.How this is affecting our society now is by having on out of five children live in a house that doesn’t have food, according to the government. Food hunger has increased in american because some people don’t have hearts to help those in need. Kids are being able to concentrate in school work because they don’t have food to eat breakfast in the morning, and that’s the most important meal of the whole day. Having no food can cause a emotion impact on children and their parents because it can have a negative affect. This is impacting our society right now because his music is still alive today. The way he used to dressed impacted our society because people follow his fashion steps.

Michael Jackson, help a lot of people throughout his lifetime. He always was worried about others, and he put others before himself. I like what Michael Jackson did because he helped people from Africa and got other people to help him with his foundation. 


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