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Michael Oher is an Americanfootball offensive tackle. He did not have a good background and support whenhe was young. He was in poverty as he was one of the twelve children. Hismother was an alcoholic and drug addict while he father was frequently in prison.Because of his background, he received little attention during his childhood.He had passion for soccer, but it did not surface up as he was given littleattention. He also could not afford to join soccer professionally.

He wasplaced in foster care at the age of seven and was living in many foster homesand even had a period of homelessness. He was only introduced to sports when hecould join with his foster parent’s children. He could join Briar crestChristian School and was coached by the school’s football coach, Freeze.Applying conflict theory, Michael Oher was only introduced to sports and openabout his passion for soccer only when he had a good background and support. Hewas looked down during his childhood because of his broken family and could notbring up his passion.

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  The have nots arepeople with poor background and support while the haves are the ones who have agood background and support to let them pursue their passion in sports. He wasstigmatised that he would also grow up bad and become like his parents and madepeople stay away from him. To apply functionalist theory, education workstogether with sports to allow students to pursue their desired sports like howMichael Oher could pursue his desired sports which is soccer through hisschool.He had a horizontal mobility. Heplayed in a basketball team and he moved to soccer.Michael Oher was in investigationwhen due to his grade-point average (GPA) was very low to give the opportunityto get into Ole Miss Rebels football team and join college to continue hiscareer in sports.

To apply conflict theory, the have nots are people not havingenough qualifications to pursue their career in sports while the haves are theones who met the qualifications to pursue sports as their career. To take upsports as a career, one is not allowed by their passion and skills but alsowith good academic background to be allowed to joining sports as a career.To examine the relationshipbetween sports and social class, Michael Oher could not start a proper trainingand play sports professionally when he was young as he was poor and could notafford it even when he the passion to play soccer since young. Only people whocould afford financially could play sports and start training professionallysince young. He was given a platform to play professionally and show cast hispassion because he was poor, and everyone stigmatised him as nothing due to hisbackground and did not care about until he was taken up by a foster family.

This shows that poor people did not have equal chances as rich people to playsports professionally.Michael did not grow up in asociety that follows egalitarianism as he was not given equal chance as otherto play sports professionally when he was young due to his background andinsufficient support for it. He was also reconsidered to join his desired teamand college to pursue sports as a career as his requirements which is the GPAwas very low. 


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