Mexico (Casarez, 2018) The oligopoly market is not

Mexico is said to be one of the top export economy in the world. Some of the top exports include technology such as computers and telephones, vehicles and vehicle parts. (Feenstra, 2016) The type of market that these products fall into is oligopoly. Oligopoly is a market dominated by a few large profitable firms with little or no true price competition.

Some products that are similar may have real or imagined differences. (Casarez, 2018) The oligopoly market is not an easy entry. Some barriers to enter are things such as product differentiation and government regulations. (2017) Mexico is not the only to export vehicles, it has some competition with Germany ($150B) and Japan ($90.3B) who also have high value for exporting cars. Some of the major businesses to sell the production of cars are known brands such as Toyota (248 billion dollars) , Volkswagen (268 billion dollar), GM, Daimler (172 billion dollars) , and Ford.

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(Franco, 2016) Toyota has over 50 auto workers in 27 countries and is divided into conventional and hybrid vehicles. In point of production, Toyota is the world’s largest car maker, engaged in manufacturing the design and sale of light vehicles and has been categorized number 9 on the Global 500 list in the year of 2015. (Pulido, 2016)Toyota Motor is a corporation organization structure based on the varied business operations of the company around the world. (Gregory, 2017) A corporation is a legal entry owned by shareholders whose liability for the firm’s losses its limited to the balie of the stock they own. (Casarez, 2018).

Some of the advantages that a corporation has a specialized managerial functions, and freely transferable shares of stock. Although a corporation has it advantaged it also comes along with disadvantaged which are greater government regulations and double taxation. Toyota shows the effectiveness ability to use its organizational structures to maximize efficiency and capability employment.


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