Methodology most working relationships. Some of common problems

MethodologyResearch MethodThis researchwill be mainly qualitative research and it will be descriptive as well. Thedata will be of secondary source which has previously done on digital mediamarketing in addition primary data will be gathering by Interviews. Dimensions of ResearchThe research will be a descriptive study trying to point outthe communication barriers The manufacturer and distributor faces while doingbusiness. The study will rely on descriptive statistics to illustrate thefindings.  Time OrientationThe study will be conducted as a cross sectional studyeliciting the responses at one point of time. This time orientation is followedto gather the response of the target audience, and would be sufficient. Data CollectionIn thisresearch initial data assembled from sources which includes internet, books,magazines, weblogs and online articles, all the mentioned is secondary data.

After this Iseek to examine the inadequacy of strategies on marketing and profitability viadigital media platforms in Pakistan. Most of all prime emphasis & analysiswould be on the basis of the data which will be primary source of this researchlike close-ended questionnaires Instrumentsof Data CollectionPrimary DataQuestionnairesObservations SecondaryDataBookInternetOnlinearticlesMagazinesWeblogsPopulationThis studyincludes population of management from Mughal Oil Traders theDistributor of Shell Pakistan.Result And FindingsWhat we have here is a failure to communicate,” thisfamous line from the 1960’s movie Cool Hand Luke describes the current state ofmost manufacturer/distributor working relationships.From our study which we collect from different research papers and by ininterviewing both manufacturers and distributors revealed that high-qualitycommunication is virtually missing in most working relationships.

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Some ofcommon problems which we understand are Fixing mistakes, expediting orders,holding excess inventory, and waiting are the most common and costly problemsthat occur in manufacturer/distributor working relationships.  According to our findings none Manufacturersor distributors want to make their working relationships to a point where theywill not be able to trust and communication freely with each other and causesin the wastage of their resources.According  to ourstudy  Despite everything likeinvestment, training, surveys, meeting there is always an communication gapbetween manufacturer and distributor and the cause of this are followingbarriers.

Lack of KnowledgeMost common communication barrier which both manufacturerand distributor faces is lack of knowledge which includes the employees fromboth sides in which they have lack knowledge about the company,its products and their jobs.Poor structure to the communication Structure of a communication is an essential factor inmanufacturer and distributor. Mostly the structure is not up to mark indistribution network which causes a barrier in communication process.  complex messagesMostly in distributors the sales team is not very wellqualified so  the use of complextechnical terms in meetings or briefings cause communication gap between them. Withholding InformationAccording o both manufacturer and distributor withholdinginformation is very common in the name of   confidential information basedon the company policies so basically it makes both distributor and manufactureruncomfortable which causes barrier among them.Difference in Way of thinking Communication is also the process in which the person on theother hand must understand what other person wants to speak so this is anotherbarrier in manufacturer and distribution relationship as the difference betweenboth qualification and understanding is different so it is common problem amongthem.

    Management Barriersthe most common barrier mentioned by the sales team ofdistributor is Management barrier as in most distributors the owner does notwant casual interaction between them and manufacturer team.  which makes employees then feel uneasy  with this method of leadership andcommunication.Beating ‘Round the Bushthe most common barrier of communication which mention byboth manufacturer and distributor is that they think that mostly other one tryto avoid directly answering an otherwise straightforward question that has aclear purpose. These situations mostly arises when the supplier will not beable to fulfill the distributor requirement or have no idea when it will be done.

also same with the manufacturermeans they try to avoid answer correctly which creates barrier between them.Lack of Transparency and CooperationAccording to distributors manufacturers doesn’t trust themas according to them as they said that they would provide full transparency andcooperation as a condition of  contractbut mostly they don’t which causes huge gap between them.ConclusionIn  this modern erathe manufacturer and distributor relationships is also evolving with time. thechange is occurring due to changing with the increase in number of competitorsalong change happening in market condition if distributor planning forindustry-leading growth and long-term success them they must need to interactproperly with the manufacturers because i is the only way through which abridge for growth will need be build and for this kind if relationship theymust overcome the communication barriers which are causing huge communicationgap between them and find some ways through which manufacturer and distributorovercome these barriers.Despite of availably everything both manufacturer anddistributor need to use proper communication way means which will not be interruptor delayed.

.Distributor need to share their planning and schedulinginformation with manufacturer  Manufacture mustengaged distributor in different level of activities which will  help both in understanding each other. 


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