“Metabolism years later’ it is considered a

“Metabolism is the overall process through which living system acquire and utilize the free energy they need to carry out their various function. Basically, metabolism is divided into two types i.e. Catabolism (energy yielding) and anabolism (energy requiring).(1)
The word “stress” was firstly used in biomedical literature as a description of hyperactivity in the hormone system. After 20 years later’ it is considered a disease causing factor. But we know that redox process play a major role in many of stress situations. (1)
In 1936, Selye gave the origin of basic principle of stress and stress responses whereas; in 1985 the concept of oxidative stress response is formulated in book “Oxidative Stress”.
Oxidative stress is a term that refers to the adverse outcome from the imbalance between the body antioxidants defence system and the rampaging effects of reactive species. An imbalance between oxidantsaanda antioxidantsa ina favour of the oxidants, potentially
leading to damage, is termed ‘oxidative stress’ .These imbalance occur when concentration of toxic reactive species (ROS) increases which include hydrogen peroxide, nitric oxide etc which effect the integrated antioxidant defence mechanism which include enzymatic and non-enzymatic antioxidant that are effective in blocking the dangerous effect of ROS.


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