Merit at all.The main problem of the

Merit 1Strengths.I kept eye contact with my customer throughout the conversation that showed respect and it shows you care about the customer question, also because I kept eye contact the customer was able to calm itself down so it became easier for me to help him. As the customer walked in I had smile on my face to let him feel welcome as that is the first sdsdA the customer stormed in I listened attentively towards the customers question as that showed how much I cared to get the situation fixed.  At the end of the conversation I gave the customer a handshake as that is a sign of mutual respect  between both parties as that was the seal for the deal we made on that day. My volume was appropriate in strength and intensity for  my customer to hear me.As I spoke to the customer I got the important points across and made sure to say bye with a smile and a handshake. Weakness.My main problem was that I did  not keep a smile on my face throughout the presentation because of that it  made the customer feel uncomfortable and tried to make the situation better.I should have been more enthusiastic speaking towards the customer as that would have shown, I  cared about their query and how to tackle it.By varying my tone I could have made the conversation a lot easier and would have If I had a normal pace it would have been easier for my customer to choose what they wanted the best for them. By speaking fast the customer probably did not understand everything that I was saying to them.My body language was bad as I was too relaxed and also moving around that showed nervousness and a lack of confidence because of that made the conversation harder for myself as I was not in control at all.My structure was not positive or confident at all.The main problem of the communication presentation was that we their was no control. By saying control,  I meant that their was no enough questions being asked to get the conversation flowing between the customer and me.


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