Mentoring experience and wisdom to somebody usually younger

Mentoring is a hierarchical relationship the mentor is a person who experience either through a number of industries or through a functional line. Their role is to offer the benefit of their experience and wisdom to somebody usually younger but more certainly more junior as far as experience is concerned. So their role is about imparting their lessons along the way how they’ve navigated things often.

It’s about being able to open doors or expand network for people and really just give them some guidance and information on how to navigate in that particular area of interest.Coaching is different in that in the coaching relationship rather than the coach being the expert. Actually the coach he is the expert of coaching works with trying to untap their thinking and the potential of the coach and that’s through a relationship of questioning, probing, working with their experience and knowledge to help them create solutions for themselves whereas in the mentoring senario. It’s far more giving the benefit of the advice and wisdom that’s been gathered through series of time or experiences.

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