Mental and I understand the importance of self-care

Mental health is not just the absence of a mental
health problem, but rather it’s also about the quality of your relationships,
how you think and feel about yourself, and how you deal with your feelings,
which refers to the presence of positive people and characteristics in your
life. This year, instead of bottling up my emotions, I want to be able to
express them freely instead of listening to my mind telling me to tough it out.
Typically, the easier way out of expressing ourselves or telling people how we
feel is to simply ignore it and we tend to distract ourselves with other
priorities that we put above our mental health. Something I’ve recently started
doing over the past year is connecting with friends and family more.
Personally, I appreciate a good-listener, but it’s also important that I have
someone that has a similar understanding of what’s going on around me. For me,
this person happens to be my cousin. We enjoy meeting up and going out in our
free time to talk, and it’s something that truly helps me without my body or
mind realizing it. Socializing is important in general, but if you have someone
you trust willing to listen and be there for you, it makes it a lot easier to
release feelings you’ve been holding inside. I’ve also learned how to make
myself a priority, and I understand the importance of self-care and taking time
to yourself to relax or unwind. For myself, this means taking small amounts of
time during the day for leisure activities like listening to music, reading a
book, or even taking a nap. Along with my physical wellness, I would like to
get back on track and begin exercising more this year because it can also be a
good way for you to boost your energy levels and help you feel like you’re in
more control. Not only is sleep and exercise important, but finding your
meaning or purpose in life falls under the category of great significance. I
like to consider relationships an impactful part of someone’s life, and they
usually always are. Having relationships with family, friends, neighbors, and/or
your church community are all so vital in finding our sense of purpose. Having
these relationships allow us to find different varieties of support systems,
and can increase the overall well being of our mental health. Lastly, I would
like to work on how I can manage my stress and time better. This would overall
help me grow as an individual if I could understand and accept my emotions. Becoming
emotionally intelligent would help me understand myself better and overcome
challenging obstacles that are thrown my way, because it’s a feeling of
calmness and confidence within one’s self.  


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