Men this hatred is bottled up Kit

  Men fighting in the war women at home fighting in the box.  A League of Their Own was made in 1992 by Columbia Pictures Corporation and Parkway Productions. A League of Their own was set in the 1940’s and 1950’s during World War II.

A League of Their own has many historical inaccuracies such as how in the movie only the Rockford Peaches and the Racine Belles play in the World Series but in history, there are four teams that play in the World Series they were the Racine Belles, Rockford Peaches, Kenosha Comets, and the South Bend Blue Sox. However, A League of Their own did have some accuracies such as while playing on the team there was no smoking, no drinking, and absolutely no men. I say that this movie is most certainly more hollywood than history.                A League of Their own takes place during The Second World War and that means that all the men have to leave and go serve our country. While the men are out at war Philip K. Wrigley or better known as the owner of the Chicago Cubs Baseball team decides to make an All American Girls Baseball League.

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Philip K. Wrigley decides to make this league because he fears the sense the men are away baseball will die out and that no one will want to come watch America’s National pastime’ so Wrigley holds the first ever All American Girls Baseball League tryouts. Female baseball players are being drafted from all around the states. This seemed like a great chance for Dottie and Kit1 , to leave their farm and get a look at the big city. Dottie and Kit are found by a scout named Ernie Capadino. Ernie Capadino decides to bring the girls back to Chicago for tryouts. Dottie and Kit make the league with fellow teammates including Doris Murphy (Rosie O’Donnell) and Mae Mordabito (Madonna).

           As the season goes on, after all of the practices are over the first game comes and in the movie, it’s a regulation field size but in history, it’s some weird hybrid between a baseball field and a what is now today a softball field. In the movie, the girls threw overhand like men do today but according to history they threw underhand like softball. Kit shows that she is enormously jealous of her sister Dotti. Dotti’s playing style and the fact that everyone loves and adores her and her fantastic playing skills makes Kit’s hatred against her sister grow. After all of this hatred is bottled up Kit then decides to change baseball teams and finds herself playing against her sister in the final of the World Series2. The theme of A League of Their Own was showing that women didn’t just belong in the kitchen and looking after kids, that they actually are able to play a physical sport that people thought that only men could play.

The only place for a woman is at home, first, second, and third. the message of the film is smack dab in the clear, and it’s that women don’t only belong in the kitchen, but are able to have careers and play sports.            Jimmy Dugan is the coach of the Rockford Peaches. Dugan was a drunk after he hurt his leg playing for the Red Sox. Dugan was left depressed and found comfort at the bottom of a bottle.

Dugan was a mean drunk when he got forced to coach the Rockford peaches he would often yell at the girls and make them cry. Jimmy Dugan was a loose interpretation of Jimmie Foxx, Jimmie Foxx was the real coach but he didn’t coach the Rockford Peaches he actually coached the Fort Wayne Daisies.             At the end of the movie, Dottie has returned to the field where it all started and as she’s on the field the ball she’s holding drops and rolls over to an African American woman. The woman throws the ball viciously back at Dottie, but, in fact, African American women were not allowed to be on the field because segregation was still happening back in the 40’s and 50’s3. After seeing all these facts, the verdict is that A League of Their Own is more Hollywood than History.

 Former baseball player Doris Sams said, “I thought it was about 30 percent truth and 70 percent Hollywood.” In baseball, a .300 batting average is good. In telling a “true” story, .300 is not so hot.4 


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