Memories play a significant in

Memories play a significant in making individuals into their identity today. The encounters they have change how they respond in circumstances. One’s memories act as a building block, a foundation, into becoming who they are and and lie profoundly established inside them. Nobody wants to revel in the same painful feelings that they did within the past, but alternatively to enjoy the joyful moments once more.

From memories, people try to seek a better future. They are trying not to copy the same errors they made within the past, and ensure that the best courses are taken when conceivable In Hamilton, the modern-play written by Lin Manuel Miranda, and in Joy Luck Club, written by Amy Tan, as well as from my own personal experience, how characters understand their memories affect their future actions and mindset, relying upon on how one chooses to react and respond to their recollections. Memories are able to take control of people’s lives, manipulating them into thinking negatively, ultimately leading to fear and rash decisions. Although, one is also able to use their memories to strengthen and grow, channeling their memories into making themselves better people.

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